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March 18, 2006

Lucas Glover


JOE CHEMYCZ: Lucas Glover at even par 72, 16 pars, one bogey, one birdie. Just talk about your day today, Lucas and you're still in position for tomorrow.

LUCAS GLOVER: It looks pretty boring, but it was as exciting an even par there's ever been for me.

JOE CHEMYCZ: Why is that?

LUCAS GLOVER: Well, if I had not made a bunch of 6 and 8 footers, I'd have shot 80. I got up and down from shoeboxes on a couple holes. Short game kept me in it for sure. Didn't have it on the full swing today. You know, that was kind of the story. But I hung in there and proud of myself for doing that.

Q. What went wrong swing wise, and what makes you think you can have it back tomorrow?

LUCAS GLOVER: It's just my usual, get a little ahead of the ball and coming from inside. It's either too much of a hook, or a block. Probably sounds familiar to everybody that plays out here, usually does the same stuff. In a little bit of wind, I usually get into that.

So go to the range and practice it and staying behind it a little bit and hit some up in the air and hopefully we'll hit it like we did yesterday.

Q. Can you fix it in the middle of the round or is that tough?

LUCAS GLOVER: It's tough for me. I'm not there yet. If I try I usually overdo it and then most I'll do is line up a little left to make sure I don't flip it over and then I know maybe I'll block it on line or something.

But don't try to mess with it too much out there. I'm not at that stage yet unfortunately. I'll just figure it out and try.

Q. Do you remember where you were after 54 at Disney, right where you wanted or were you further back?

LUCAS GLOVER: I don't remember, a couple back, I'm sure, three or four.

Q. Is this a golf course better for front runners or come from behinders?

LUCAS GLOVER: What's Rod, 4 up? The way he's playing. He's looking pretty good. He's putting well and he always hits it good. He's one of those guys that if you play with him and you notice he's putting well, you know he's going to have a good week, because he always hits it good.

The way the greens are, the way the rough is, you know, pars are going to be pretty valuable. Tomorrow 4 or 5 under is going to be a good score. If he plays like he's been playing, he'll shoot that or a couple under or whatever. But it's going to take a low one, because he's playing well.

Q. So are you the kind of guy that walks away from a day like today going, "Man, I'm not hitting it well" or "thank God for my short game"? Are you half full, half empty?

LUCAS GLOVER: Well, for me, full swing is easier to fix than my putting or my pitching or chipping. So today was a big positive for me. To get through that round on this course at even the way I hit it is a big positive, because my putter was still there. I was making the same length putts yesterday and Thursday but they were for birdies. Today, unfortunately they were for pars. The full swing is a little easier for me to fix personally, because putting has so much to do with confidence for me.

So, yeah, it's a positive for me, and you know, probably come out a little earlier tomorrow and hit some balls and make sure we have some time to work on it a little bit.

Q. Did you ever look at the leaderboard today and wonder which course Darren was playing?

LUCAS GLOVER: Yes, I did. Rod and I thought he was actually thought he started at even and shot 10. Then we saw he only shot 9, I guess he played bad or something. (Laughter).

No, that's a heck of a score around there. I don't care when your tee time was or who you were paired with or what that was unbelievable in those conditions. Not that it blew as hard as it could, but the greens were tough and the hole locations were great and a low score.

Q. You looked a little perturbed coming out of the rough on three, was that a product of the shots going short of the green in more rough, or just frustrated at the lie you're hitting and the thickness of where you put yourself?

LUCAS GLOVER: More from the tee shot. That's a great tee shot for me. I just kind of got that rescue club and hit a nice draw which is my natural shot. You know, it might have been the result of being tied for the lead on Saturday.

You know, just kind of didn't trust the swing on the tee, and, you know, I deserved it. I was a little upset with myself for not hitting the shot I needed to.

Q. The chip that followed, is that indicative of how you played with your wedge today?

LUCAS GLOVER: Yeah, I drew a decent lie there, wasn't a great lie, but the plus there was I didn't have to chop at it. I could actually hit a shot and control the spin. You know, the putt on 2 was six feet and then that chip shot, that kept me in it, chipped it up, and that kind of kept me in the game after Rod got off to a good start.

JOE CHEMYCZ: Lucas, thank you.

End of FastScripts.

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