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March 18, 2006

Tiger Woods


TIGER WOODS: I just made absolutely nothing again. It's been one of those weeks where it's been very frustrating because I've put myself in position to make putts and I haven't. And then obviously the putts that I hit well, don't go in, and then obviously the putts I hit poorly don't even have a chance of going in.

Q. Darren shot a low number out there; are you capable of doing that Sunday?

TIGER WOODS: I need to make putts and I need to get them early. I haven't done that. As I said, the times I've hit it close, I've missed. Majority of the time I've been between 20 and 40 feet away from the hole. That's not going to get it done.

Q. Feeling more comfortable inaudible?

TIGER WOODS: I drove the ball a lot better today. I drove the ball well, flighted my irons better and just one of those things where I didn't make any putts. My speed was good, so that's the only positive thing is that I had good speed.

Q. Do you feel like you're on track or on the edge?

TIGER WOODS: As I said, the putts I hit well, don't go in. And then you hit bad putts, too, and those don't even have a chance. The weeks that you're playing well, the bad putts seem to go in and the good putts pour right in the middle. That's not one of those weeks for me.

Q. Beautiful conditions out here, the course doesn't seem to have the bite some people feared coming into it?

TIGER WOODS: The fairways are pretty fast and wide and the rough it up. But still you get fairways this wide and this soft, guys are going to be putting the ball in the fairway. With it being this warm, the ball is traveling pretty good and you're able to get the ball down there pretty far where you have some short irons in your hand.

Q. What do you have to do tomorrow?

TIGER WOODS: Just get myself in position to make putts and then hopefully make them. It's just one of those times where I just haven't got it rolling. Hopefully I can get something positive early and keep it going.

Q. Any one particular missed putt bother you more than any other?

TIGER WOODS: Probably the horseshoe on 3 was pretty unkind.

Q. Steve's book that's coming out, Tips and Techniques from the Caddy is it good or should he stick with his day job?

TIGER WOODS: He's good at both. Stevie is very articulate, a hell of a caddie, but also an incredible racer, too. It's hard to believe that that guy is pretty well rounded, but he's one of the smartest guys I know.

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