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March 17, 2006

Tiger Woods


Q. I have you hitting 17 greens and 35 putts; does that sound about right?

TIGER WOODS: That's about right.

Q. What happened?

TIGER WOODS: I didn't hit the ball very close and when I did, I did make a couple putts, but other than that, I was 30, 40 feet just about every hole.

Q. You've been improving week by week by week, apparently you're not improving this week, what are you going to work on?

TIGER WOODS: I just need to get my irons a little bit better. I hit some bad drives today, but overall, I feel like I've driven it pretty good, one of my better weeks, actually. Just have not got my irons to go the right distance, not even close to being pin high. So obviously you've got to work on that.

Q. Was an example of that on 15?

TIGER WOODS: It was just I had to hit a full 9 and if it changes at all like it did on that one, it comes up short. It was just a frustrating day because I could not get the ball pin high. It's either landing there and skipping past or short. Overall it's a very frustrating day.

Just got to go out there and play a good solid weekend. If I can hit the ball like I did off the tee the first couple of days and get my irons dialed in and get something positive going early, it's been taking a while to get something positive going this week for some reason. Yesterday it took a while, yesterday it took a while.

Q. I think the golf course pretty unanimously is getting a little harder and a little drier; is 14 the winning score, 15, somewhere in there?

TIGER WOODS: Somewhere in there. It's a pretty crowded leaderboard, so expect some guys to post some good numbers. You figure somewhere; it's going to be in that neighborhood.

Q. A lot of the people talked about the draw, you're early/late, people that think that might have been a little bit un lucky; do you feel that way?

TIGER WOODS: No. We had pretty good conditions, actually. There was some pretty good scoring yesterday in my bracket and this afternoon, as well. The wind has been the same the last few days.

Q. Does it add to your frustration, the golf course you haven't been able to get anything going?

TIGER WOODS: It's my fault for not hitting the ball proper distances. When you're not able to do that, when you're lagging, it's hard to make a lot of 30 , 40 footers.

Q. When you had this problem in the past what did you diagnose as the problem?

TIGER WOODS: Just got to go out there and do some practicing this evening and make sure my swing plane is correct and I'm spinning the ball the way I should be and my launch angles are correct.

Q. You talked about how you were happy with your swing with regards to the fact that you can make adjustments on the course and be able to deal with it, did you not find that today or did you make some adjustments that just didn't work out?

TIGER WOODS: The proper swings that I made today I still didn't hit the proper distances, so that was frustrating. It's kind of the way it worked out. I hit what I thought was a really good 8 iron the last hole, took something off of it and it still flew past the hole. That's the way it goes.

Q. Do you know anything about Lucas Glover other than he's 26 and pretty good he said you guys haven't played?

TIGER WOODS: We haven't played together, no. Lucas obviously did something pretty good at Disney down the road. He's got of talent, you can see that. The way he strikes the ball, he strikes the ball very flush. It's just a matter of him making a few putts.

End of FastScripts.

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