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March 17, 2006

Dean Wilson


Q. All things considered, today was ...

DEAN WILSON: I played well. The last couple of holes, I made some mistakes there. That puts a little sour note in the round. But I played well for 15 holes, so that's good stuff.

Q. What happened on that first bunker shot on 16, did you have to keep it under the limb and over the lip?

DEAN WILSON: I just had to get it out of the bunker and just trying to catch the ball before I caught the sand, and obviously caught too much ball. That's it.

I was just trying to hit about a 130 shot out of there. So I had 211, so that would leave me try to get it to about 100 yards. Just trying to hit just a little one out of there, a little 9 iron.

Q. Is the course getting firmer?

DEAN WILSON: No, it's about the same. No, struggle wasn't because of the firmness of the greens, but the course is still in great shape.

Q. On 18, I know you're a pro and all, but do you still get spooked at all when you see

DEAN WILSON: That's the part, you know, I'm disappointed with that last shot, I am trying to hit a little cut and I guess the at the last second my brain just bails out and I go left. And that's what's disappointing because my goal this week was to commit to every shot and just go ahead and take the results, and then I'm fine up to that point and I just kind of bailed out a little bit. And maybe should I have took a little more time over the ball or away from the ball, just right after I see Charles hit it in there, just reorganize my thoughts, check the wind again and do that.

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