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March 17, 2006

Lucas Glover


JOE CHEMYCZ: We welcome Lucas in, 67 today, to go with the 67 yesterday, and they are alluding to the fact that you seem to have success in the Orlando area. Any guesses on that one?

LUCAS GLOVER: I have no idea. Just hope it keeps up.

Q. You going to move here like everybody else?

LUCAS GLOVER: No, no, no. Too busy.

JOE CHEMYCZ: Talk about your day today. It looks pretty flawless, save for a double bogey at 11. Talk about the day in general.

LUCAS GLOVER: It was a lot like yesterday, a lot of fairways and a lot of greens and I putted well. I made a lot of 10 and 12 footers for birdies. I had a chip in on 7 just left of the hole and that kind of got the ball rolling.

JOE CHEMYCZ: Guys this week have talked about the premium of hitting fairways.

LUCAS GLOVER: I've put a premium on that. I've been backing down to a 3 iron or even my little rescue club if I needed it in the fairway and wasn't real confident with a 3 wood or even a driver. I think it's as important to be in the fairway as it is to be, you know, one hundred yards from the hole, whether you're 150 or 160, especially this week because the greens are firming up.

Q. You couldn't have probably two more polarized course setups, here versus Disney; Disney with resort wide fairways, modest rough. Do you have a preference in terms of whether you like the old, classic courses where 10 under wins or 24 under wins?

LUCAS GLOVER: I've only done well on one of them, so I don't know. (Laughter).

I think Tiger's even said it. If you're playing well, you don't mind where you're playing. I think that's true out here. When guys are playing well, we can like any course.

Q. Since winning last year, you just seem to keep getting better, you've had four Top 10s this year already, what is it that win did to maybe kick start you?

LUCAS GLOVER: Just instant confidence. That is the biggest thing out here, because even if you're playing mediocre and you've got a lot of confidence, you're going to play better, or play better that day and that was it for me. Because I woke up that Monday morning and I was, hey, I won out here, now we've got to go do it again and that's the biggest thing, especially starting this year.

Q. Does it help your confidence, the fact that you're 5 under both days, as opposed to one great day and one okay day; you've played the same both days?

LUCAS GLOVER: I think 5 under around here two days in a row are great days. Because if the greens firm up on the weekend, that will be a good score for two days. But, yeah, the consistency and the fact that I have played solid is definitely a positive.

Q. Firming up out there?

LUCAS GLOVER: Yeah, I think it is and will. I think we're supposed to have some wind this afternoon. I know they have turned the water off.

Q. You talked about sitting in the locker room doing the math trying to get to THE TOUR Championship at the end of last year, and now looking at the Ryder Cup points list, Money List, you're going to the Masters in a couple of weeks, do you ever stand back and say, wow, how did I go from where I was at this time last year?

LUCAS GLOVER: I think about it every day. I do, I think about Q School in '04 every day and just how far I've come and how fortunate I've been. You know, I've been blessed every way possible since then.

Q. Have your goals just completely been rewritten since the end of last year?

LUCAS GLOVER: Well, first and foremost, I want to win again, starting in January. That was the goal and that's what I work for every week is to be here on Friday and Saturday and hopefully on Sunday, just give myself a chance on Sunday afternoon and see what happens.

But first and foremost, that's the main goal is to win golf tournaments.

Q. I'm trying to remember, did you have an ordinary Q School in '04?


Q. Or something strange?

LUCAS GLOVER: I birdied three of the last four to get in and the last.

Q. On the number?

LUCAS GLOVER: On the number.

Q. Do you get teased about pulling your hat down so low?

LUCAS GLOVER: I do, yeah. Well, when you get sunburned like I do, you kind of have to. I don't know, I guess where it like a baseball player.

Q. In some ways, as well as you're playing right now, you're a little under the radar, there's been so much attention on Holmes and Villegas and Bubba Watson, do you feel like you're kind of flying under the radar and do you like that?

LUCAS GLOVER: I don't know, if I am, it's fine with me. Cliche, cliche, cliche, I'm just trying to play each round (laughter) seriously.

Q. That's the way we write, so don't worry about it.

LUCAS GLOVER: Every morning, just trying to play the best I can, whether I'm on the front page of the paper, on the back page or not at all. You know, that's what the best players in the world do and that's what I'm trying to do.

Q. Did you get married between Disney and now?

LUCAS GLOVER: December 3.

Q. You're on the Jonathan Byrd program. He did a very similar thing, won end of the year, got married. So is that a Clemson feature here now?

LUCAS GLOVER: I hope. I guess we have to marry some more of them off.

Q. He lost his hair when he got married, didn't he?

LUCAS GLOVER: Oh, he lost it way before that. (Laughter).

Q. Have you been to Augusta yet?

LUCAS GLOVER: Yes, last week twice. I went Tuesday, Thursday last week.

Q. And?

LUCAS GLOVER: Love it. Love it. I think the changes are great.

Q. Not to sound smart about this, but would you know what the changes were?

LUCAS GLOVER: Yeah, I played there three times in college. I remember 1, you could actually almost hit a wedge shot from putting green to the tee, and now there's six yards. 4 went from a 5 iron to possibly a 5 wood. And now 7, like we used to debate on driver for a wedge by the green or 2 iron for a wedge and now you've got to hit driver or you're not going to hold the green.

Q. What did you hit on 7?

LUCAS GLOVER: Driver, 7 , 8 iron, into; the wind was into both days there.

Q. Probably helped you.

LUCAS GLOVER: For the green, yeah.

Q. What were the three years you went in college?

LUCAS GLOVER: '99, 2000, 2001.

Q. So you had not been since

LUCAS GLOVER: The original changes, right.

Q. Did it look the same to you when you got out there? Did you recognize it?

LUCAS GLOVER: Well, you recognize the very first thing when you walk out of the clubhouse and you have to go to see 1 tee instead of it being right in front of you. The way the ball is and the way we hit it now, it's fine. Drive it up on top of the hill, don't drive it in the bunker.

Q. What did you shoot?

LUCAS GLOVER: I didn't score at all. Just wasn't hitting it good enough to even think about it. Just practiced a lot. Try to get used to the greens.

Q. You went there a gazillion times as a fan, didn't you?

LUCAS GLOVER: Oh, yeah. My grandfather and I went ten years in a row on Saturday when I was 6 to 16. And then I went a few times in college, twice I think.

Q. So you were there Saturday of '86, weren't you? I'm sure you walked away knowing Jack was going to win the next day; right?

LUCAS GLOVER: Well, I didn't know then. (Laughter). But yeah, pretty impressive. I was actually there in college when he holed it on 5 for the second day in a row, so that was pretty neat. I wasn't there, but, boy, you could hear it.

Q. You must have been what, seven?

LUCAS GLOVER: Six. First one was '86.

Q. Are you old enough to remember the Sunday thing on TV?

LUCAS GLOVER: Oh, yeah, I remember that. Vern's quote, I'll never forget that. He always gives some good quotes. He had Tiger's on 16 last year.

Q. Can you do an impersonation?

LUCAS GLOVER: No, sir. (Laughter).

Q. Do you think with all of the times that you've been there that it sort of helps demystify it or maybe make it easier for you to deal with it as a first time player?

LUCAS GLOVER: It was pretty surreal driving down there on Tuesday driving through the gate and walking out. It didn't feel right just being able to go there and play, because that's all you hear about. (Laughter).

Q. Keep waiting for somebody to tap you on the shoulder?

LUCAS GLOVER: "Excuse me, what are you doing here."

They welcome you with open arms and you kind of have run of the place. But pretty impressive that they let us do that, and thanks to them, or I'd be lost in a couple weeks.

Q. I think you were saying at THE TOUR Championship, you might not go until the week of because you had been there before and you wanted to just feel that, that whole experience, what made you change your mind?

LUCAS GLOVER: Just I knew I was going to take some weeks off. Originally end of last year, I didn't know what my schedule was going to be and this and that, and I decided to take the Honda off just for that reason to go down there and try to prepare a little bit.

Q. I don't know exactly who you're going to be paired with tomorrow, but the way you're playing, you're probably going to be playing with varsity here this weekend, do you feel like between the years now you're ready to go and take on the big boys and play side by side and slide in?

LUCAS GLOVER: I want to say yes, but I don't know, because I haven't done it. I have never played with Tiger or Phil or Ernie or any of those guys. I've love to give it a try.

Q. You've played with Jason Gore.

LUCAS GLOVER: Yeah. We don't have any fun out there. But that's how you measure yourself is with the best, and I'd like to just see how I stack up and evaluate.

JOE CHEMYCZ: Take us through your card, Lucas, with the birdies starting on 1.

LUCAS GLOVER: 6 iron on 1 about four feet. That was a good way to start of the day.

6, knocked it on in two and 2 putted there.

7 was the hole out from a hair left of the green.

9, hit two good shots to about ten feet.

11, I actually hit it way right, drew a good lie, decided to be an idiot and go at left side of the green and try to hit it close and I hit it in the water and then dropped. Didn't get it up and down. That was a good break that kind of hurts you because otherwise, I'd have laid up right or just chipped it out.

13, wedged it about six inches, almost made the wedge shot.

16 was another 2 putt, way long. I had a good break off the tee there and hit it way right and had a shot at the green, ball rolled 50 yards up and 8 iron in. That was a good break. That ball could have gone anywhere.

17, probably the best shot I've hit this week. I hit 3 iron eight feet right behind it.

18, I got another good break on the tee shot so I was able to get it up out of the green. On 18, I hit it way right and I drew a lie good enough to get it up there by the green, I wasn't going to go at the flag, I was actually playing at the bunker or short of it. If it rolled in the bunker that was fine.

Q. Do you notice players looking at you differently now, do you sense a different level of respect, acknowledgment, whatever?

LUCAS GLOVER: I don't know. I think I just know more people out here now being three years. That's probably it. You know, if you give veterans the respect they deserve, they kind of return it. So that's kind of how I think about it.

But just being out here, I know more people and that's probably the biggest thing.

Q. Tom Lehman was in here the other day talking about Ryder Cup; is Ryder Cup a big deal?

LUCAS GLOVER: Absolutely. The biggest. That's the biggest sporting event for me, the most passionate, and that's one thing on TV I still have time to watch. I don't watch a lot of TV except for sports. I practice in the morning and watch the Ryder Cup in the afternoon, or if it's overseas, vice versa.

Q. You have talked to him at all, introduced yourself?

LUCAS GLOVER: I've known Tom. I met him my rookie year and we've been gabbing this year, joking around about it.

Q. And The Masters for you, is that something you would usually watch in the past?

LUCAS GLOVER: Yeah, watch that as default. The team event, playing for your country, that's pretty amazing, and that would be the best experience for me.

Q. What's your grandfather's name?

LUCAS GLOVER: Dick Hendley.

Q. Are they from the Augusta area?

LUCAS GLOVER: Where I live, Greenville, South Carolina.

End of FastScripts.

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