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March 25, 2006

Henrik Stenson


JOEL SCHUCHMANN: Henrik Stenson, thank you for joining us here. Three rounds under par so far here at THE PLAYERS Championship this week. 6 under par, you're in great position heading into Sunday. A good week so far for you.

HENRIK STENSON: Yeah, I've been struggling with my game tee to green, so it's been real tough. And I've just been making up and downs like a champion.

JOEL SCHUCHMANN: I'm sure people are going to ask about 13. Hole in one, the third for the week.

HENRIK STENSON: It seems to be a popular hole, that one. I hit a good 7 iron and pitched probably 15, 20 feet short of the hole and released up there. It was nice. It's my first one in a tournament.

Q. Your first hole in one in any tournament?

HENRIK STENSON: Yes, I did my first one in practice for LaCosta. So I've done two in about a month, month and a half. Nothing in 20 years and then they come really frequent.

Q. European players really haven't played that great here, with Sandy Lyle being the only champion. What are your thoughts on that and getting a chance to duplicate what he was able to do?

HENRIK STENSON: It's a tough and challenging golf course. You've just got to play really good and keep the head on if you want to do well around here, especially in these conditions. And I can just go out there and try and have a good day tomorrow.

I don't know why Europeans haven't had more success in the past.

Q. It seems like there's a bunch of international players on the leaderboard right now. It seems maybe this week history time is catching up with it?


Q. Any thoughts on why there's so many international players up on the leaderboard right now?

HENRIK STENSON: No, not really. I haven't played enough over here to know if these are normal conditions around here or not. That might be a factor, I don't know. I've been plenty occupied trying to get the ball around.

Q. (Inaudible)?

HENRIK STENSON: It's always a challenge playing on such a tough golf course in tough conditions, especially when you're not feeling comfortable when you're standing up to your ball. It's always very hard. And I'm just very happy with the way I've been able to make it around the golf course in these three days and since the long game hasn't been on, it's been other parts of my game that's made up for that.

Q. Your home is in Dubai, is that correct?

HENRIK STENSON: Yes, that's correct.

Q. How long have you lived there?

HENRIK STENSON: About two and a half, three years, the last couple of winters.

Q. With all the rises and falls of players today, do you pay any attention to what goes on on the leaderboard or is the shot in front of you occupying all your thoughts?

HENRIK STENSON: I'm just trying to take one shot at a time and trying to stay dry around here, especially the last couple of holes. I had a pretty good tee shot on 18, and released a little too much and went out in the rough and I couldn't get on the green in two. Those things happen. It's a lot of give and take out there.

End of FastScripts.

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