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March 25, 2006

Tiger Woods


Q. How do you compare today's conditions compared to everything else this week?

TIGER WOODS: A lot harder. The wind is blowing, swirling in the trees. On top of that, you know, the greens are really inconsistent out there because the low spots are soft, the high spots are really firm. It depends on where you land it and what kind of ball you're going to get. Sometimes you're backing the ball up off the green, other times you're hoping to hold the green if you land the ball up on top.

Q. Going into tomorrow do you have the mindset that you still have a chance?

TIGER WOODS: Certainly, without a doubt. Maybe I can shoot around what Justin did here and sneak in there, but a lot depends on what the leaders do today and obviously the course conditions tomorrow. I need it to blow like this tomorrow and hopefully I can play a great round of golf.

Q. Was the wind worse than you expected today?

TIGER WOODS: The greens got dryer up on top, so the high spots were really firm and really different speeds. You had to be very careful what you were doing on the greens as far as firing into them.

Q. Is it a PLAYERS Championship without this kind of wind?

TIGER WOODS: Probably not, probably not. This golf course was built here for conditions like this, but the only problem is now they've got six or eight inch rough. That's a little different than how the golf course is meant to be played.

It's a little different out there. If you miss fairways you're probably going to make bogeys. It's six or eight inches in spots. It's brutal. You've got to drive the ball in the fairway and then from there you've got to really understand what you're going to try to do on the greens, whether you line them up in the low spot or a high spot.

Q. Adam Scott shot 45 on his front nine today. You said you need a great round tomorrow and you need to be aggressive but obviously bad things can happen. How do you go about tomorrow?

TIGER WOODS: Depends on the pin locations. Some of the low spots you can feed the ball in there, kind of a bowl effect, and some of the higher spots you've got to be very precise if you do fire at it. Hopefully you can make a couple putts 20 and 30 feet because sometimes a good shot is going to be that far away.

Q. You look surprised at your shot on 17 that went to the top of the green.

TIGER WOODS: Yeah, because I thought I hit it perfect. I thought it was going to land probably about three yards past the hole and then hit the slope and then roll back down to the left and I'd be putting straight up the hill. I was shocked that I flew it that far.

Q. 9 iron?

TIGER WOODS: A little 8.

Q. You said the other day that the wind was dancing in the trees. What was it doing today?

TIGER WOODS: We had a hard time making a decision on 13 today. It was right to left, left to right, downwind, into the wind. We threw the grass probably about ten times there and we got six different wind gusts. You hope you time it right.

I hit it and I thought it was going to be across and it was straight down and knocked my ball down out of the air. Kirk at the time he was over the ball, it was left to right, and by the time he hit it, it was right to left.

Q. Kind of like 12 at Augusta, you sometimes have to pick one and go with it?

TIGER WOODS: Pick one and go and sometimes you have to quick hit it. We were having gusts there on 14, as well, and I quick hit that and made sure I got that wind for the shot I was going to hit, otherwise you're going to have to sit there and wait a while and maybe dance around with some clubs.

End of FastScripts.

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