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March 25, 2006

Jim Furyk


Q. You got off to a bad start. Was it the conditions, or what was it out there?

JIM FURYK: A little of both. I hit some bad shots. I hit a bad tee shot on 1, got away with it, hit it in there close and missed the putt.

Hit a bad drive on 2, bad putt on 2, but was a little was also a little caught off guard by the speed of the greens today. It wasn't close from yesterday to today, I'll say that.

I was a little surprised, but I woke up. It was a tough day condition wise, and I added to that a little bit early on, and even late, but in the middle there I battled pretty hard and hung in there. Considering I made a couple bogeys two doubles and four bogeys today and getting out with the score that I did and actually having the opportunity to go out there and only be three or four shots off the lead tomorrow, play well and win the tournament you can take it either way. I had a lot of negatives and a lot of positives. I'll try to have more positives tomorrow.

Q. That's the thing; even though you shot 75 you're only four shots back and there's not a big group of guys that are way up there.

JIM FURYK: Yeah, that's a good point. A lot of times you're four shots back but there's 16, 17 guys in there piled up, and you really know, hey, I've got to really go fire a good number because we've got 15 other guys, someone is going to do it. Being in about fifth or sixth place, there's obviously some really good players, Sergio, Stephen, Vijay Singh, some guys that are veteran players, and obviously I expect them to play well tomorrow. But it's nice to only have four or five guys ahead of you and be within earshot.

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