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March 24, 2006

Davis Love III


Q. Obviously it was a difficult day for you. Just talk a little bit about how you played and the conditions.

DAVIS LOVE III: The conditions were tough. You could score if you hit it good, and I just kept missing fairways. Every time I missed a fairway it was in a bad place. It was just one of those days where I hit some good shots, 5, 6, 7, and didn't get birdies out of them. But, you know, seemed like if I hit the fairway I hit a good shot and missed a putt, and if I missed the fairway I made bogey or double.

Q. How frustrating did it become as the day wore on?

DAVIS LOVE III: I kept saying if you're 2 or 3 under par you're going to be right in the golf tournament. I just kept trying to hit good shots, but every time I hit one it would bounce into the rough and then I'd make a bogey and then I'd have another one bounce in the rough and I'd make a double or a bogey. I didn't hit enough good tee shots to give myself a chance to scramble.

Q. Is that the best word to describe it today is frustrating?

DAVIS LOVE III: Yeah, just one of those days. I hit I guess four or five drives that were bad, but then they went in really bad places. Sometimes I couldn't even chip out. I hit it bad off the tee and never gave myself a chance to play, so that's frustrating.

Q. Was it something that just happened today or did you sense on the driving range that things were kind of off?

DAVIS LOVE III: I hit beautiful shots off the 10th tee, a good shot off 11. I hit some good shots. I should have birdied 10, 11 and 12 right out of the box, and then I just started missing fairways.

Q. And when you say they bounced into really bad spots, I mean, how bad?

DAVIS LOVE III: Well, you miss the fairway in the swales, you're in four inch, five inch rough, and sometimes you can't get back to the fairway, can't get it back in play. Up against a tree at 9 I had to take an unplayable. I needed par to make the cut and I'm up against the only tree within 30 yards of me, and I'm up against it. It was one of those days. When I hit a bad shot, I never got away with it.

Q. Were you conscious of the cut line or did you care?

DAVIS LOVE III: Well, obviously I was trying to get back in the tournament there for a while, and then when I bogeyed 8, now I've got to make a par or a birdie at the last hole.

Q. Tell me about 9. I know it was a bad hole, but you drove it in the left rough?

DAVIS LOVE III: I drove it up against a tree, took an unplayable, and then hit it left and it kind of halfway buried in the fairway bunker on the other side of the creek. Then I was done. I was trying to hit it at the hole thinking maybe it would be a miracle.

Q. Is this one of the worst days you've had in a while?

DAVIS LOVE III: I hit the ball solidly, just missed the fairway. You can't do that out here.

Q. They've been saying that all week, the premium on the fairways?

DAVIS LOVE III: You've got to hit the fairway. You've got to hit a lot of fairways and hit the ball on the green. Today I didn't do that and you could see the difference.

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