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December 19, 1993

Bernhard Langer


Q. General comments. Shaky start and a good finish..

BERNHARD LANGER: Really up and down round, like it has been that way all week, really. I have hit a lot of good shots, but I also hit a lot of bad ones. Same on the green. I have made some great putts and made a bunch of three putts and other things. Just sort of inconsistent. Always had problems with the first, whatever, first eight or nine holes. I seemed to play a lot better on the backside.

Q. That is where Mize seems to have won this tournament; he has been like 31, 32 on the front. Everybody else seems to be --

BERNHARD LANGER: It has been incredible. Every time I looked at him, his score after five or six holes, he was 3 under par, which are, you know, pretty tough holes.

Q. Can you imagine a guy be putting up the numbers he has this week? Everybody else -- the group are real close.

BERNHARD LANGER: He was just -- I played with him on Wednesday afternoon the last seven or eight holes. And he was just in a total groove. I mean, every shot he hit was just perfect. You could have given him any club; the ball was just going straight to the flag and perfect distance and everything was just fine. I was talking to my caddy and saying if I would be a betting man I would put some money on Mize this week. He just looked brilliant. He was totally happy with himself and his game and everything and I was not the least surprised to see him leading after two or three days and winning it. Sometimes you get into that groove; you have a few weeks. Hopefully every player has a few weeks a year where he is in that and --

Q. To get the speed down and --

BERNHARD LANGER: Yeah. Plus the other thing is, I guess every other player in the field just made a few errors and made a few mistakes. Nobody else seemed to, you know, really get it together for 72 holes or four rounds.

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