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December 19, 1993

Fred Couples


DAVID BEGG: Good round.

FRED COUPLES: Yeah, making double bogey on number 4, I just kind of said let's just finish up and get out of here. As it turned out, now I am kind of anxious to see where I finish. It was a lot of fun. Every putt I hit was going right at the hole. Couple of them didn't go in, but the rest of them did. Just a good way to finish up.

Q. Did you ever have any realistic thought of overtaking them?

FRED COUPLES: No. At one time I was 4, 5 under and looked up and Larry was 3-under par after 6 or 7 holes. That is unbelievable playing. Sure, the rough is not as high and the wind isn't blowing, but the fact is that I am 8 under and second; right now 9 strokes behind it. That is hilarious. I think this guy is - those were great rounds; it is great playing. So realistically, no; I mean, starting the day I thought I could finish third or fourth, you know, with a three or four under par. As it turns out, if I can tie for second or finish second, that would be, you know, pretty lucky.

Q. You were, I think, 7 shots out of second?

FRED COUPLES: Yeah, so I wasn't shooting for second either. I thought if I got to 4 under, that would be third or fourth place. You got to look at it one way, you go out and try and shoot a-- score every time you go, you try and shoot as low as you can. I was just thinking if I could shoot 67, that certainly isn't going to give me a chance to win, so the next spot would be third or fourth place.

Q. Fred, you and Bermuda greens, have you ever had a string like this on Bermuda or a feel like this on Bermuda grass?


DAVID BEGG: Two years ago?

FRED COUPLES: Not making putts like that. But they were fairly easy putts, except for the one I had at number8, little down hill and across, I thought I made it. It was going right in the middle of the hole and just spun out. The rest of them were uphill which certainly helps. I just think when you are playing Bermuda greens, you just-- you have to assure yourself that you get the speed of the greens. Today, really didn't matter. I mean, I was pounding them if they were going to go by the hole, doesn't matter. If you are in the lead or near the lead you will see a lot of guys come up short or long, that is being a bit tentative which is only natural. Throughout the week you want to get the speed and when you start making them most -- I just watched Nick Faldo make them on 18. It was straight up the hill. Looked good the whole way. When you get the down hill ones, they are a little tougher.

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