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December 18, 1993

Bernhard Langer


BERNHARD LANGER: In general, the putter was very good today, especially towards the end, I hit a few loose shots; especially with my driver and swing didn't feel all that brilliant, but the putter made up for it.

DAVID BEGG: Still feel you have a chance?

BERNHARD LANGER: Well, doesn't look like it at this stage, but you never know. It could get real nasty out there, but I am just - right now, I don't feel I am swinging well enough to really go 7 or 8 under par. I think that is probably what it would take to catch the leader, unless he has a few really bad holes. But he seems to be playing very well and very steady, so I can't expect that.

Q. Bernhard, in your opinion which is the most difficult hole? Is there one hole that strikes you?

BERNHARD LANGER: Depends on the wind. It is almost a links type of course and, sure, there are some holes which are harder than others, no matter what, but it really depends on the wind. Like if the wind is against the first hole, would be very tough, but if it is down wind, it is not too bad. 15 could be a very hard hole. Even the 14th can be pretty tricky if it is blowing into you. It really depends on the wind. Then there is holes like 8 is usually into the wind, plays always pretty tough. It is hard to say.

Q. Why is there such high scoring in the fifth hole today?

BERNHARD LANGER: The fifth, the par-3?

Q. Yes.

BERNHARD LANGER: Well, it is quite a tricky -- very tricky green, and it is not an easy shot. Anywhere from, I'd try a 6-iron today, but sometimes a 3-iron. The green is quite narrow, and it is a very severe green. If you miss it left, you have almost no shot. If you miss it right, you come out of the bunker, the rough, the green first slopes away, then up again. So it is, you know - again, it is not an easy hole. You usually have crosswind or something which moves the ball one way or the other.

Q. That tree limb doesn't bother you at all?

BERNHARD LANGER: No. I don't think so.

Q. Can you give us a little bit of an analysis of Ernie Els' game, what you have seen?

BERNHARD LANGER: Well, he played reasonable today. Had a number of quick shots, but also a number of loose ones. Overall, it was, you know, fairly steady.

Q. I don't mean specifically today, but just in general?

BERNHARD LANGER: In general, very talented young guy. He can hit the ball very long. Has a very good swing. Pretty good short game. Doesn't have too many weak parts. If he is on - but, like some days he is not on and then things go sideways, but that is golf. We are all that way; most of us. But he should have a bright future ahead of him if he stays healthy and keeps working the way he is. Seems to have a very good - what do you say - demeanor or good head on his shoulders; doesn't get too upset or too cross if he hits a few bad shots or makes a few mistakes; just keeps going.

Q. It seems you have gotten more problems in the first nine holes than in the second nine even though the wind is not as hard as on the second nine.

BERNHARD LANGER: I think the first few holes are harder holes; just more difficult in general. Certainly, the greens are trickier and you know, the first and the second holes are pretty tough. The third is a very tricky green. It is not a long shot but it is a tricky green. Fourth is not too hard, but then 5 is difficult. 6 is a tricky green. 7 plays very long and 8 plays long into the wind. I don't know. I think the front nine is a little harder. I don't know. What are the scores like? What, they have been usually better on the back?

DAVID BEGG: Yeah, much better.

Q. Not Larry Mize. He birdied 4 of the first 9 and bogeyed in the second nine?

DAVID BEGG: In general.

BERNHARD LANGER: If you take the average of all the players, the scores will be better on the back.

DAVID BEGG: Well done, thank you.

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