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December 17, 1993

Colin Montgomerie


COLIN MONTGOMERY: Elkington was playing very well. He was like 6 under; I was losing out very rapidly. But played the back 9 well. I believe I was 32 yesterday on the back 9, and 31 today. Played the back 9 well.

Q. You were going worse than nowhere?

COLIN MONTGOMERY: Yeah, I suppose I was, yeah. Going worse than nowhere. But, yeah; I mean, I was going backwards in a hurry. I was good to get - I was right off the leader board. I was off the top 10. It is good to get back into contention. I still feel I am.

Q. Was the putt at the 11 the key- just to get you started again?

COLIN MONTGOMERY: Yeah, to get me started, to give me confidence. The ball can actually go in the hole in less than par figures. It was good to get back into it. So it was good that way.

Q. What were the words to yourself after seven holes?

COLIN MONTGOMERY: Just keep going because I knew it was two, par-fives to go; that I could reach the green in 2. That kept me going to get at least back to sort of 73, 72-ish, but it was good to break 70 at the end of the day. That was a real result. That was a real struggle, but it was-- that might be the round that that could have easily been 73, 74. It is good to get that back to 69 and to start again tomorrow with a positive frame of mind, as opposed to going out with a negative one.

Q. What would this do for your year?

COLIN MONTGOMERY: As I said later on, if I finish last here in this tournament, it would be a great finish to the year, what I have done; so I mean, I am not -- everything here is a bonus. But, yeah, sure it would seal it terrifically. To finish the way I have from the Dutch Open onwards would be tremendous, so that is what - I am obviously - I have been trying real hard over the weekends. We will see what can happen.

Q. Colin, do you feel that you have already announced yourself as one of the world's best?

COLIN MONTGOMERY: I am getting there. Yeah, I am getting there.

Q. This win can really cement you?

COLIN MONTGOMERY: If I won here, I would really feel - I would feel I was really getting somewhere. Then I would be sort of 10th in the world or something. Then you have to think of yourself as one of the world's best player in you are 10th in the world, you know, sure. I mean, I am 15th right now or something or 14th, so I am getting there, yeah, but if you are in the top 10 in the world in anything, you got to be one of the world's best at it. Yeah.

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