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December 17, 1993

Bernhard Langer


Q. General comments about the round.

BERNHARD LANGER: I was hitting the ball a lot better today, especially the driver; kept the ball on the fairway, which is very important around here. Had a lot more fun than yesterday. I started off pretty shaky and played pretty bad the front nine and sort of got my game together on the backside. Today was a whole lot better; actually had 2, 3 other chances to make birdies and just missed the putts.

Q. Wondering about any escapes, any trouble that you got out of today?

BERNHARD LANGER: Well, I missed a few greens. I missed the first green long and chipped it up close. Let us see, missed number 9. I was on the green-side bunker on the left which is very tricky because the green slopes away from you and hit a pretty good bunker shot 'till about four feet. Then I had another up and down on 16 when my wedge pitched somewhat near the pit and the green is rock hard at the back. Went over the green; asked my caddy take to the flag out because it is blowing into me and the chip just went right over the middle of the hole I should have left the flag in. So I got it up and down, but that is about it.

Q. How far was that chip that rolled over the hole, about how far?

BERNHARD LANGER: The chip was about 30 feet and it went about six feet by. It was going pretty hard but if it would have hit right bank in the middle of the flag stick, but it might still not have gone in because the wind was blowing it against me, so it was closer to the edge, that is why I asked my caddy to take it out. There were a few ups and downs.

Q. Thank you.

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