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September 24, 2005

Fred Couples

Davis Love III


Q. For the first nine it was up and down, up and down.

DAVIS LOVE III: It was up and down. We made a lot of birdies. I don't know what we were, 7 under maybe. You know, they made a birdie, we'd make a birdie, and nobody really made a lot of mistakes.

We knew if we didn't put them away, they would come back and they did in the end.

Q. Things stalled out for both teams on the back nine; were there opportunities that were just missed?

DAVIS LOVE III: Well, we birdied 11, 12 and 15, and we had a couple other chances. You know, the pins were tucked. It was hard to get it close, and it seemed like we only had one guy putting a lot on the last nine and that made it a little harder.

FRED COUPLES: I had a great time playing with David Toms yesterday, too, but we were on the short end today. It would have been nice to have made that, I missed about a 3 or 4 footer out of the box on the first hole today to take the lead. But that could have made up for a lot of things but it's fun.

Q. When you guys are together, who is the leader, what's the chemistry like?

FRED COUPLES: Well, the leader, he hits first every time. And it's not too hard to follow a 350 yard drive most of the time, and he and Cabrera again, were pounds for pound and Michael and I were trying to just hit the fairway and make a few putts. They all played well.

But Davis is funnier than you think and it's usually a quiet little comment. His wife was out there walking around and fun to see her. It was a great match. It just would be nice to have won whether we're 1 up or not, just basically for my confidence, and I hit a decent putt but I haven't made that.

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