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December 16, 1993

Ernie Els


Q. General comments on the round.

ERNIE ELS: I played well. I hit the ball nicely. I hit most of the fairways, most of the greens, and that is the most important thing, I think. I had a couple of good putts. Could have been a little bigger, but I am satisfied with the first round. I hit it nicely.

Q. How many holes in one have you had?

ERNIE ELS: One. One at the European Open this year; 4-iron into the hole. This one was looking great; I mean, it was right over the flag. It came back a little bit.

Q. Back to number 4, please, would you describe that. What could it have been?

ERNIE ELS: It could have been anything. Could have been bogey, I mean, I was just -- I had a little gap through the trees. I went for the shot. I came off. You know, I could have made 6th easily, maybe a two shot swing there.

Q. What are your plans next year as far as playing in the U.S.?

ERNIE ELS: Hopefully I can play maybe 8 tournaments over there. I am playing in the 3 Majors after I can get a couple of invites. I will just play -- I will play the tournaments I will get in. I will play around the Majors.

Q. You don't know which ones exactly?

ERNIE ELS: No, don't know yet. We are working on that.

Q. Trouble with the heat at all?

ERNIE ELS: Yeah, it was very hot today. I played last week in Durban in South Africa, and we also had pretty humid conditions there, so I think I had a good warm-up last week for this kind of weather. It was very hot out there today.

Q. What was the temperature last week in Durban?

ERNIE ELS: Last week, same as this. I don't know, what is it? About 30 --

Q. 32.

ERNIE ELS: 32 degrees with humidity. I had to drink water on every hole.

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