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April 7, 2006

Tiger Woods


CRAIG HEATLEY: Tiger, thanks for coming in. A solid 71, you're right in the thick of it, 1 under par.

TIGER WOODS: Yeah, I'm in good shape. Today was really tough out there. It was windy, swirly, and it just played very difficult. I mean, a good shot can end up in a bad spot and you just have to accept the consequences and move on. It was very difficult.

Q. Fair to say you played it semi close to the vest today?

TIGER WOODS: I played pretty good today.

Q. In terms of aggressiveness and being conservative?

TIGER WOODS: You try to play to positions, spots, that's it. That's all you can do.

I thought I hit the ball really well today and I missed four putts I should have probably made.

Q. You talked about the yardage on 4, the difficulty there, did you find it humorous that you talked about it and they made the change there?

TIGER WOODS: Well, to that pin with the wind conditions today, it would have been just brutal to figure out what club to hit. Like today, I hit a 6 iron Rob and I hit the ball the same distance with our irons. I caught the gust of wind and puts me in the bunker, he catches a gust that puts him in the back bushes. That's just the way it is. You just hope you can time it right.

Q. Obviously you'd like to be in the lead, but is this a good spot where you've got three or four guys that you can all see in front of you and you're right there in the whole pack? Do you feel like this is a good spot if you were not going to be in the lead right now?

TIGER WOODS: Well, I'm in contention, so it is a good spot, I guess. I'm only five back and with the forecast, it's unpredictable as it's been all week, we'll see how it is tomorrow.

Q. I'd like to know, you played with Molinari, what do you think about his game?

TIGER WOODS: Yeah, Edoardo, I thought he hung in there. He hit a couple of bad shots here and there, but he's a really class act. It was fun it play with him. It was really nice to see that in the Amateur, that he holds his head up, is very gracious, and he competed all the time. He never gave up, kept trying. He hits the ball in some bad spots but he just kept plugging along and tried to do his best the entire time, and that's just something that he should be very proud of.

Q. The front nine were the toughest holes today or the back nine; what do you make of that, what happened?

TIGER WOODS: It's just the wind swirling. It's all over the place. You know, 11, 12 and 13, around Amen Corner, it's coming from all different directions. You just hope you can guess it right. I got a bad gust on 11. It was supposed to be coming off the right. I hit it, went straight and then it switched and came off the left and pushed my ball right of the green. It's just frustrating, because hopefully you see what's out there, you make a good swing, and it can switch in a heartbeat. I think that's why you see some big numbers on that back nine.

Q. So you are comfortable with your swing again?

TIGER WOODS: I played well today, I really did. As I said, I missed probably about four putts that I probably should have made.

Q. Can you talk about tomorrow, the leaders will all be playing around the same time. Is that going to make it a bit fairer, because some people felt the early tee times today were maybe a bit more advantageous to the golfers.

TIGER WOODS: Yeah, the guys went off early probably played in the wind maybe half the round, maybe more, maybe less, depends on where they were on their time. But, hey, that's just the way it is.

Tomorrow we're all out there about the same time, as you said, and you've got to go out there and play. Who knows, we may not play if there's thunderstorms. You just never know around here.

Hopefully we'll get a chance to tee it up tomorrow and play all day and finish it on time.

Q. Rocco was in here earlier and he said when the conditions are hard like this, which they should be for a major, it makes it more fun for him; that's how it should be played. Do you think conditions like this make it fun?

TIGER WOODS: It really does, it really does. I've never been a proponent of golf tournaments where you've got to shoot 20- to 30 under par just to win the golf tournament.

I enjoy tournaments where if you shoot a round in the 60s, you've earned it and you're going to move up the board. I think that's what major championships are all about. This week, that's how it's playing. I'm 1 under par and I'm in 10th, that's pretty good. That just goes to show you that the course setup is difficult, wind is swirling out there, but overall, it's fair. The golf course, you hit good shots, you can post a good number out there.

Q. How long were your birdie putts on 14, 16, 17 and 18?

TIGER WOODS: 14, I had probably about a 30 footer up the hill.

15, I lagged it down there and I had about an 8 footer, right to left.

16, I hit in there stiff and missed about a 7 footer there.

Then 18, I hit in there again pretty close and missed about an 8 footer there.

CRAIG HEATLEY: Tiger, thanks for coming in. All the very best for the week.

End of FastScripts.

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