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February 20, 2002

John Cook


JOHN COOK: Got up early and knew that he was going to take advantage of a couple, and he didn't take advantage of No. 2 and I did. I made a good birdie at 5, which.

Q. What did you hit in there?

JOHN COOK: I hit 3-iron in there. I made about a 12-footer. Then he missed. But I knew -- he made a good birdie at 10. He hit probably a 7-iron in there eight feet, ten feet. Then he missed a short putt at 11. You know, which you're going to do out here. If we've all made all of our 2-footers in our lives, I'd be on some island somewhere. But that was probably the turning point.

But then I topped him at 12. I hit two good shots right in front of the green at 12, and then hit a nice pitch. Felt like I was pretty much in control after that. I mean, I hit good golf shots, and made another good birdie at 14, another 3-iron. Made about a 12-, 15-footer, and then capped it off at 16.

Q. Was this about 30 feet, 40 feet?

JOHN COOK: It was a long one. I didn't hit it hard; it was going to snuggle up there pretty slows. But I played the hard holes well and that's what I wanted to do.

Q. I heard yesterday you played a practice round with Tiger and someone was saying that you guys were working on your putting; what was that all about?

JOHN COOK: Tiger helped me a little bit with my position. Not so much everything else, just my hand position. And if Tiger Woods is going to help you, you're going to listen. I'm out here to learn a little bit, as he is, as well. He's become a real good friend, and I enjoy playing with him because it shows you what you need to do to get better.

Q. What exactly was the change?

JOHN COOK: My hands were just a little too far ahead of the ball and it helped. Obviously, today I made some nice putts. I felt real comfortable over it, and rolled the ball nice. These are tough greens. You get poa annua greens that are semi-soft, they can get a little bouncy. And I hit good putts.

Q. You're from California; you're used to this kind of stuff.

JOHN COOK: Yeah, I grew up on stuff like this. You know, you get familiar with the speed and the look and all, and that's really if there's any advantage.

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