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February 21, 2002

John Cook


Q. How much fun are you having now?

JOHN COOK: It's a little different than yesterday. It was just a tough day to play golf. It's a survival day. Neither one of us played great, but it felt good, doing what we had to do and hit good golf shots coming down. It was a battle.

Q. You've got the wind shots and all that stuff?

JOHN COOK: And the wind switched on us on 13; so I had to go into a different mind set. Finally going along with what you're getting finally and then the wind switched. But I'm glad it did it during that stretch. You have to play this golf course; these Santa Ana winds blow very rarely. I've never really seen this type of wind.

Q. What were some of the key moments for you guys?

JOHN COOK: Yeah, I hit it over the green on 3 and then made bogey. He birdied 5 which was a great birdie. Then I kind of hit it over the green on 6; so we just kind of kept making semi-mistakes.

I won the seventh hole. I don't remember what I won it with, but I won the seventh hole and that kind of got me back. Then he put it in the water and he hit right behind me. There wasn't really a turning point. It just was one up to even to even to 1-down to even. We just kinds of played a good match.

And I think that I made birdie at 14, I guess, that had to be the swing in my direction.

Q. What did you hit in there?

JOHN COOK: I hit a 5-iron. And I birdied it for the second day and that's a big birdie there.

Q. How long was your putt?

JOHN COOK: About 12 feet.

Q. And he was where?

JOHN COOK: He had about an 8-footer for par on the same line that I had. Then he birdied the next hole. I parred the next hole. Then he just made a couple of pars.

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