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October 20, 1997

Craig Counsell

Edgar Renteria


Q. In talking famous baseball players that come from Notre Dame, and he said Yaztremski played there for a year.

CRAIG COUNSELL: There's a lot of guys that played like in the 20's and 30's, I believe, but recently like I think Cap Anson, I think he's in the Hall of Fame. But recently like since '60s, 70's, '80s, there's really been nobody that really stood out.

Q. Does that make the baseball player on Notre Dame's campus something of a second class citizen compared to the football player?

CRAIG COUNSELL: Football is No. 1 at Notre Dame. Always has been and always will be.

Q. Even now?

CRAIG COUNSELL: I suppose it would be a good time to be there. No, football is No. 1, but it's a good school to go to, it's a good school to play athletics. It's a great place to get your education.

Q. Edgar, what are your experiences in cold weather, what do you think of playing in very cold weather?

EDGAR RENTERIA: Yes, I spent three years playing in cold weather in the Minor Leagues and I love playing in cold weather, I love the cold.

Q. Why do you like playing in cold weather?

EDGAR RENTERIA: I don't know, I just enjoy it. I like it a lot.

Q. For Edgar, do you think that Omar Vizquel is the best fielding shortstop in baseball or do you think maybe you're better?

EDGAR RENTERIA: That I'm the best, no, but in the American League, Omar is probably the best fielding shortstop. And in the National League there's a lot of real good fielding shortstops.

Q. Craig, in that first series in Chicago when it was so cold, what do you remember about that, how do you think it affected the game?

EDGAR RENTERIA: In Chicago I really wasn't prepared for the cold that early in the season, but now these games mean a lot. These games are very important and I'm ready for them.

Q. How did it affect the play, just in general?

EDGAR RENTERIA: I really don't know, it's difficult to play in there, but I think if you're prepared for it, it's really not going to affect the teams at all.

Q. Craig, since you've come over and played with Edgar, what's the most amazing thing that you've seen him do on the field, it doesn't necessarily have to be in a game, it could even be in BP?

CRAIG COUNSELL: I don't think one thing is going to stand out in my mind, but I think it's just -- I think the best part about playing second base -- shortstop is -- you can make a real impact on a game defensively. And I think when you play with a great shortstop you're able to make, sometimes make plays, make double plays that normally you wouldn't be able to make. And I guess that's why I like playing with Edgar, because we're able to do things, we're able to make great plays, turn a great double play that normally you wouldn't be able to turn.

Q. Edgar, as well as you've played this year, we keep hearing wonderful things about Alex Gonzalez and he will challenge you for a job next year. Have you seen him and is he capable of pushing you?

EDGAR RENTERIA: Yes, I've seen him play and he's an excellent shortstop. I have a lot of confidence in myself and I have a lot of conditioning and practice that I do myself. But it's always good to be pushed, and he's an excellent shortstop.

Q. Edgar, could you talk about what impact your being in the World Series has had back home and how your family is following your play, how big a story are you in Columbia right now?

EDGAR RENTERIA: In Columbia there's never been a baseball player play in the World Series. And now all of Columbia is following me -- all of Columbia is supporting me, and I think that's the best thing that's ever happened to baseball in Columbia.

Q. If I can ask a follow-up. What do you think will happen when you return home to Columbia after the series, what kind of reaction -- what do you think they'll do for you?

EDGAR RENTERIA: I really don't know what they're going to be doing for me. What I'd like to see is that all the youngsters follow the baseball and pick up the baseball and there will be a lot more baseball being played by the youngsters in Columbia.

Q. Craig, did you ever face Jaret in the Minors, and also coming over from the Rockies, at all prepare you for doing the same thing in the World Series?

CRAIG COUNSELL: I may have had one at-bat. I think I had one at-bat against him. But everybody is kind of facing all these pitchers for the first time, so you try to do your best to learn about them beforehand, whether it be on video or from scouting reports. And that's -- sometimes that's tough. I always think you feel more comfortable after you've faced the pitcher a couple of times. But I think everybody is in the same boat, Cleveland and us. So you just try to do your best to prepare yourself through scouting reports, coaches help, video, whatever.

Q. Do you remember batting last year, what happened, and also did you prepare for your first go-around with the Marlins kind of like you've been doing for the World Series, did you watch a lot of film, maybe more than other guys, in July and August?

EDGAR RENTERIA: That's kind of how I prepare myself normally. I like to -- I just like information. That usually helps me out. The more information I have helps me out, then I pick and choose what stuff I want to use and what stuff not to use. That's what I've tried to do, yes, since I've been here.

Q. Craig, what's the coldest game you've played in the PCL, and playing in Colorado do you think is going to help you prepare in Cleveland?

CRAIG COUNSELL: I grew up in Milwaukee, I went to school in South Bend, so this is outstanding weather. I can't wait to go out and play in it, to be honest with you. To me growing up, this is always what the World Series was played in, is weather like this. It's the World Series, I don't care what the weather is going to be like, to be honest with you. It's not going to be a factor from my standpoint, and I don't think -- it's going to be cold, you've got to deal with it. If you let it affect you, you're crazy.

Q. Have you heard -- Craig, have you heard from anyone at Milwaukee, since this might be as close as it gets to Milwaukee for a while. Have you heard from any friends?

CRAIG COUNSELL: Yes, actually I did receive a message the other morning from Paul Molitor, who just called and wished me good luck, so that was nice and pretty special.

Q. Edgar, do you have any friends or family coming in from Columbia for the World Series?

EDGAR RENTERIA: Yes, in Miami I had quite a few friends that came up from Columbia and there were a lot of friends that came up for the game, plus my family has come up to Miami, as well. Right now in Cleveland I don't know, but with all the excitement in Columbia, I'm sure there will probably be somebody that comes up.

Q. How much baseball is there in Columbia and if there's one baseball player how many soccer players are there by comparison?

EDGAR RENTERIA: There's a lot, there's too many great soccer players that come out of Columbia, too many to count, I'd be counting forever. Baseball players, about one comes out every ten years, so you have to realize I have to take advantage of that opportunity and enjoy it and show what I've got.

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