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January 2, 2006

Reggie Bush


Q. Reggie, your thoughts on the game as you guys get close here, 48 hours away from kickoff?
REGGIE BUSH: Just anticipating a good game, and get the show on the road. It's a big game. Everybody is looking forward to watching it, and we're looking forward to a great game and we're excited.
Q. Are you guys antsy at this point?
REGGIE BUSH: I would say yeah, a little anticipated, excited to get the game on the road. It's been a while. Time to play a football game.
Q. What do you think Texas is feeling right now? You guys are getting all the love from the media. They're not getting much respect. What do you think they're feeling in their corner, or do you care?
REGGIE BUSH: I really don't care, but I mean, at the same time I'm pretty sure they feel like they're underdogs and feel like their backs are in the corner. But I mean, what can you say? You're in Los Angeles.
Q. If it is bad weather for the game, who does that favor?
REGGIE BUSH: The running backs (laughter). I'm looking forward to it. I hope it rains. We'll get to carry the ball a lot.
Q. You're a mudder? You actually like this stuff?
REGGIE BUSH: I like to play in it, I like to practice in it.
Q. What's with this weather?
REGGIE BUSH: I don't know. I think it just kind of came out of nowhere. I don't know.
Q. We came from Texas, it's sunny and 84 there.
REGGIE BUSH: Yeah, it's kind of reverse, role reversal.
Q. Does Texas match you speed-wise on defense? Your impressions of their defense.
REGGIE BUSH: I don't know. We'll find out what they do in the game. They look great, look like great defense, great team, great team speed.
But you never really know until you get into that game type of situation and you see what the adjustment is between the two teams.
Q. What did you learn about yourself over the course of this season? What did you learn about yourself?
REGGIE BUSH: Just that I'm a hard worker and I'm a dedicated person to my teammates and I'm a team player. My first goal is always the team first and then myself second. I've always been like that, and I've just learned not as much about myself but how to be a team player and how to be a leader.
Q. Were you disappointed that the 49ers didn't win the Reggie Bush Bowl yesterday and your thoughts about the Texans? And if you did come out early, that will be the team?
REGGIE BUSH: I wasn't disappointed. I didn't get a chance to watch the game, we had a practice. But I wasn't disappointed at all. I was watching the game as any fan would. I was excited Alex got his first touchdown finally, but other than that, there's no disappointment.
Q. What was your initial reaction when you did hear the outcome of that game, though, should you come out, any reaction?
REGGIE BUSH: Nothing. That just means that Texans get the first pick, and that's it. There's no real emotion that played into it. Like I said, I'm not even focused on what's going on with the NFL right now. We need to be worried about what's going on with this game and winning a National Championship.
Q. How does it make you feel to know that you are wanted badly? They may name a street after you.
REGGIE BUSH: It always feels good to be wanted. It feels good to know that I have that many fans out there and to know that there's people -- I think it's a sign of respect for me.
Q. Has it been a distraction at all?
REGGIE BUSH: No, not at all. I don't let anything get to me. It hasn't distracted me at all.
Q. You realize this could be the last big game you play in for a long time?
REGGIE BUSH: I do realize that. I'm taking this whole experience in and just enjoying being back here, playing for a National Championship in Los Angeles. It isn't getting sweeter than that.
Q. Would it be fitting if you go to Houston, close to NASA? You're kind of a guy from another planet?
REGGIE BUSH: I guess so.
Q. How do you avoid all the distractions? The talk of you being the best offense hasn't distracted you. What's the process? Is there something that coach does, something you do to try and avoid all that?
REGGIE BUSH: I think the key factor is we've been here before. We've played in these types of games before, played in big games. We're playing in the biggest game possible. So for us being here, played in these games before is I think really key for us, the fact that some of the older guys, we can help the younger guys adjust to it and show them how it's done.
Q. (Inaudible)?
REGGIE BUSH: There's been so many celebrities at our games, it's great. It started with how the Lakers used to be, you'd see their games and see celebrities on the sidelines and courtside.
Q. Have you told us media guys yet that you're tired of us trying to make up your mind for you whether you're going to turn pro, and is it hard for you to wait until after this so you can let everybody know?
REGGIE BUSH: Yeah, you guys have already done that. You've already made the decision for me, what I'm going to do. I don't see it as a "dis" or anything. I'm enjoying the stage too much.
Q. Did you watch the 49ers game yesterday?
REGGIE BUSH: I didn't get a chance to watch it. We had a practice, but I did see the highlights.
Q. Any reaction? Were you rooting for either team?
REGGIE BUSH: No, I wasn't. I was looking forward to Alex having a somewhat decent game, and he did. He had a touchdown and went for 159 yards passing or something like that. Nice for him to be able to end the season like that.
Q. Even though you haven't made an announcement, do you have your mind made up?
REGGIE BUSH: No, it's not. It's definitely not. I'm far from it. I'm far from making up my mind as to what I'm going to do. Just because before I make that decision I want to talk to numerous people, my parents and everybody else.
Q. Does it entice you maybe going for the second Heisman?
REGGIE BUSH: Possibly. It's a lot of work winning that trophy. It's a lot of work. You have to do a whole lot. So I don't know.
Q. Is there any reason for good running backs to come out of San Diego?
REGGIE BUSH: I don't know, maybe something in the water here that makes Heisman Trophy winner running backs.
Q. Nothing you can think of particularly?
REGGIE BUSH: No, nothing in particular, other than it's great competition that comes out.

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