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February 18, 2005

LeBron James


Q. You're the busiest man in show business. How are you going to get it all done this weekend?

LEBRON JAMES: It's called a schedule. Everything is in time frames, to my liking. I'm going to take care of business on and off the court and get everything done.

Q. What's it like to be a prodigy?

LEBRON JAMES: Can you rephrase that? Give me a better sense, I don't understand that.

Q. What's it like to be so good at something, a maestro

LEBRON JAMES: I don't even look at it like that. I just go out, just play my game. I'm glad I've got the God-given talent to go out and showcase my talent. I don't take that for granted. I'm happy to go out every night and play the game of basketball.

Q. Was there any chance you would not play tonight?

LEBRON JAMES: No, the only chance would have been me missing the shoot-around this morning, but that's not going to keep me out of no game. The fans are here for us to come play and I'm not going to sit out.

Q. Obviously it's been tough for Carmelo to be here in his home court and not be able to play the All-Star Game, and he put extra motivation into tonight's game. Was it nice to see him play as well as he did?

LEBRON JAMES: Always. I know he can play this game of basketball. Things have not went his way this year, but he's starting to get his mind straight and not worry about the off-the-court things. I'm so happy for him he got the MVP tonight. It's supposed to work out this way. It's going to work out the best for him.

Q. A lot of the so-called big names don't do the Slam Dunk any more, if you were completely healthy, would you have done it and how do you feel about that?

LEBRON JAMES: I think it would have been a great possibility to be doing that. Right now, you could just see that my jumping ability right now is not where I want it to be. I think if I was very healthy or 100 percent healthy, like I was before, there would be a great possibility of me being in the contest.

Q. I understand Usher is going to buy a piece of the Cavaliers with this transaction, do you have any aspiration in music or movies?

LEBRON JAMES: No, not right now. My main focus is on winning basketball games, helping my team get better and taking of business.

Q. Why don't the big guys don't do it any more (dunk contest)?

LEBRON JAMES: Because all the dunks is taken. Ain't no more dunks. If we come up with some new dunks, people might do it. Every time it's a dunk contest, people say "we have seen that before."

Q. How is the learning curve speeded up for you so fast to where in this second year, you're really just seem to understand things in advance?

LEBRON JAMES: Just being a student of the game, just wanting to get better. Knowing that if I got better that my teammates will also get better and that it will help our team. That's all it's about.

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