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March 10, 2005

Jamie Dixon

Mark McCarroll

Chevon Troutman


THE MODERATOR: Coach Jamie Dixon, Chevon Troutman and Mark McCarroll.

COACH JAMIE DIXON: I thought Villanova played a very good, excellent game, and never -- just seemed to be all over the place as far as defensively. Again, loose balls. Did a great job. Playing very good basketball, obviously, lately. I thought we were playing very good coming in and we just never got in a rhythm. Missed some shots early I thought were good shots. We got some good looks and missed some layups, some open threes and never quite got to where we needed to be, to play as well as we need to play against a very good team. 3-for-17 from three. Obviously, we felt we needed to make some shots from the perimeter to hurt them. And didn't come through in that regard. So it was a disappointing loss for us. I know how good Villanova is. But we've just got to regroup and get ready for our next one.


Q. Can you talk about their defense. They weren't giving you an inch it seemed from start to finish.

COACH JAMIE DIXON: Yeah, they were very aggressive; that's how they play. I thought, early, though, we had some good looks, we had some good shots, Carl had a lot of very good passes, missed some layups early, some open shots as well. I think we just kind of talked about we're going to get those same shots, continue to get those same shots. I thought in the second half we did a better job making them. Still didn't shoot great from three. Shot a little better around the basket. I think second half we shot 47%, obviously in the first half we shot 20 %, that's not going to put you in a good spot often times. We need to shoot it better, do a lot of things better than we did today against a very good team.

Q. Does it feel strange not playing for the tournament championship first time in five years?

COACH JAMIE DIXON: That's such a long time ago and just the feeling right now is just disappointing, just losing this game. It's all about this game today. We came up short. Played against a very good team. But for us as a team, we have so many guys that weren't around at that time, and haven't been in this situation. This is really their first -- a number of guys, it's really their first BIG EAST tournament. So completely different. Really, the feeling is just disappointing losing this game.

Q. Chevy, it's a different experience for you not going back to the final. Could you talk about that, also the pressure they put on you defensively? They kept you off the board.

CHEVON TROUTMAN: Well, I feel like they were switching all the screens that -- or anything we did. Like if we interchanged, like a guard's too big, they'll just switch it. They were just frontin'. They was just all over, making it real hard for to pass the ball inside or get the ball wherever you needed it to go.

Q. There's a lot made this week about you trying to guard them better as opposed to the first time you played. Did you know they were this good defensively?

CHEVON TROUTMAN: They caught us off guard again. We tried to make an adjustment at the beginning of the game but, you know, we made good passes but we just didn't finish at the bucket.

Q. You say they caught you off guard. What in particular did they do?

CHEVON TROUTMAN: Just being more aggressive than they was last time. We came out pretty strong. Thought that we was gonna start the game off very good, but they came out more aggressive than us.


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