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June 10, 2005

Rasheed Wallace


Q. Generally you guys have done a good job against big men: Shaquille, Tim Duncan, other players in the past, and last night, not so much. How do you generally go about it and what do you have to do better?

RASHEED WALLACE: Just play, man. It ain't no secret to playing, no type of special way or do this or that. Just got to play.

Q. On behalf of the media, I'd like to thank you for the juicy quotes you continue to give us, even though it costs you a lot of money sometimes. Will you always be this outspoken or will we see a more mellow Rasheed sometime?

RASHEED WALLACE: I'm not outspoken. I just say what I feel, no matter if it's right or wrong. If I feel as though it's right, well, then cool, and if it's wrong, then I'm going to say what I feel.

Q. Chauncey after the game last night said that they tried to force-feed you the ball when you're aggressive early. Why does that sometimes break down like it did last night when it went away from you?

RASHEED WALLACE: I don't know, that's probably a question better suited for Chauncey or Rip or whoever that you would like to ask that. I can't say why. I don't know why. That's a question for them.

Q. Was Larry trying to have the guards get you the ball more?

RASHEED WALLACE: I mean, we just playing, man. It wasn't no, necessarily force-feeding and this and that. We just out there playing, and, you know, we just let it slip away from us last night.

Q. Can you explain what Chauncey Billups has meant to the team?

RASHEED WALLACE: A lot. He's a good point guard. He's one of the bigger point guards in the NBA, so that's definitely a plus. He has quickness with him and strength. He can shoot that outside shot. He means a lot to this ballclub.

Q. After the quick start for yourself last night, was it something they did that slowed things down or was it more what you guys didn't do or how did that --

RASHEED WALLACE: No, we hurt ourselves last night. I ain't taking nothing away from those guys. They did what they are supposed to do in their building. We killed ourselves last night. We took some bad shots and turnovers and all of that. We cut the turnovers down and take less bad shots, then we'll be straight.

Q. You guys have been in the situation before, you've come back, you've done this over and over again, there's no desperate feelings in locker room after what happened last night in the fourth quarter there?

RASHEED WALLACE: Not at all, we know what we can do and what we're capable of.

Q. Even though you lose a game like you lost last night, do you totally completely erase that or do you remember it when you go into Game 2 or motivation?

RASHEED WALLACE: There ain't nothing to remember. That game last night was a good game but it's over with, though. No need to sit up there and dwell on that. We've just got go forward.

Q. I had heard that maybe you were a little bit disappointed you didn't get more touches in the second half. Is that true and do you expect to be more of a factor in the second game?

RASHEED WALLACE: I mean, no, I wasn't really disappointed or whatever. Like I said, we were just out there playing. It's different ways that I can score. You know, it doesn't necessarily have to be fed to me in the post. It can be on the rebound or get a couple steals and fast breaks or whatever. No, I wasn't disappointed or anything.

Q. And last, what can you say about Manu Ginobli? What kind of player?

RASHEED WALLACE: Well, he's all right. In my opinion, he's a good ballplayer. Ain't nothing too special about the kid. You know, he's a good penetrator, but he's cool.

Q. You've gone against Robert Horry a lot in the West, what makes him a good defender?

RASHEED WALLACE: He plays mind games. He's that crafty veteran. He's not here by mistake. I think what, the last like 13, 14 years he's been in the playoffs, he's that crafty veteran. You know sometimes he might try to front you or if he's behind you he'll reach or pull the chair out from you. You never know what you're going to get from Rob, but that's what makes him a good defender. He's a good defender naturally anyway just from watching him over the years in Houston, L.A., a couple other players, but he's a crafty veteran.

Q. We all know the stat, I think it's 8-0 or whatever when you score 20 or more in the playoffs, is it simplifying things too much to say that if you go, this team also will go?

RASHEED WALLACE: No. No, I don't think so, because there's times when I only scored two points or no points and we still won. So it's not, you know, I don't know why a majority of y'all can think that just because I don't score 20 points or if I do score 20 points that decides the whole fate of the Pistons. No, one man don't do it. It's five of us out there.

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