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May 29, 2005

Steve Nash


Q. Just seemed like they kind of seemed to take you out of your game where it became more of a one-man-trying-to-do-it all. Talk about trying to get back together as a team.

STEVE NASH: Well, I think it was just they did a really good job of taking away and passing, they just weren't on the same page. We had a lot of plays we could have converted and for whatever reason, weren't on the same page. Whether that was mental or frustration or it was just one of those nights, I don't know.

Q. Rather than looking at one game last night, kind of the series overall what does that say to a team about San Antonio, been together so long, they have to get some sort of credit for that?

STEVE NASH: Well, of course. They are playing I think as well as they have ever played. They are obviously a terrific team as it is and to be playing at such a high level within themselves is very difficult to overcome. Having said that we were right there the first two games. No reason why we can't put it together in Game 4 and really enjoy the night and take it back to Phoenix.

Q. If you were to simplify things and say there's one thing you got to better tomorrow as a team that gives you a good chance to win, what could you point at?

STEVE NASH: I think have more fun. I think we got a little frustrated and we got away from what we wanted to do. If we have smiles on our faces and good body language I think it will go a long way for our team.

Q. Look at the Red Sox last year and say if they can do it and why not us?

STEVE NASH: Yeah, you can always make a case for why it can happen, I just think we just have to realize it's a great opportunity, it's a chance to play in the Western Conference Finals, to win on someone else's floor against a terrific team we just got to go out with the attitude that this would be a lot of fun and a great challenge and how rewarding it would be to win.

Q. Do you look at it more of the Islanders and the Maple Leafs back --

STEVE NASH: Any inspiration we can find right now we can use.

Q. Would it be unfair to say that this series says something about the way you guys play and how successful --

STEVE NASH: You can say whatever you want but I think the big difference is No. 21 is a terrific player and no matter what style, if you played walk-it-up-basketball I think you'd have a much harder time. They are a terrific team and he's one of the best players ever to play.

Q. What do you think the players on your team, especially the younger guys on your team can learn from playing a team like the Spurs in the playoffs?

STEVE NASH: I think you can see just how together they are, how unselfish they are, I think that's the lessons that we'll realize, how important those qualities are to be successful. I think that's a big part of it, especially the last game, first two, I think that was the problem, but it's only a couple of possessions in the first two games, you can point to the defense, point to the offense, point to the start, the way they made shots at the end. There's a lot of factors but you always can improve your defense and can always take responsibility defensively.

Q. (Question about getting Shawn involved more offensively).

STEVE NASH: We would love to but it's not as easy as it sounds. When they are just standing next to him it's very difficult for him to kind of get into a flow.

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