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May 26, 2005

Steve Nash


Q. How is it having Joe Johnson back?

STEVE NASH: I think it's great. Obviously, who knows how he will feel out there. He's obviously one of our best players, very good player. Given the lack of depth we have right now, I think it's huge in that respect as well.

Q. Going to help you a lot; correct?

STEVE NASH: Yeah, you are playing 40-plus minutes. It's nice, a little share in the responsibility a little bit. So he will definitely help me.

Q. What have you told guys who haven't been in the Playoffs about being here, especially this series?

STEVE NASH: Well, I mean, I think it's pretty self-explanatory at this point. You have just got to keep fighting. We don't have any choice. We are down two games and going on the road, so for us it's just a matter of trying to get a break.

Q. The team is down 2-0. What position does being down 2-0 put your team in?

STEVE NASH: In this position everyone should realize where we are, so those other situations I think guys needed reminders. But in this situation, I think everyone realizes what is going on.

Q. Coach just said that you guys need to pick it up in the last 5 minutes of the fourth quarter.

STEVE NASH: There's so many different things you can point to. I mean, we're playing well. They are just playing a little better than us at the end and at the start. We have to be a little bit more solid. It just comes down to a play here and there. That's all it is, the difference in two games. So hopefully we will get those two plays here or there in the next two games.

Q. Do you think Joe (Johnson) is the X factor?

STEVE NASH: Obviously we would have had a better chance to win the last two games if we had him. You can never say. You still got to put 5 guys on the court. You can never say what should have, could have happened. We're just really happy to have him back. But it doesn't guarantee anything, that's for sure.

Q. At least you got your 62-win team back again?


Q. That saying something?

STEVE NASH: Yeah, it's nice.

Q. Good to have him around emotionally as well as physically?

STEVE NASH: Yeah. It's just great to have him back. We all have been rooting for him to get back, and it's great that he has a chance to play again.

Q. When you got to be M.V.P. you said you were kind of surprised to be in that kind of company. Has that been the story of your career? Have you been surprising yourself right along?

STEVE NASH: I suppose. One part of me is surprised and the other part is not surprised, you know, because you have to believe in yourself to kind of set out to do these things. So there's a part of you that always believes you can do it. There's another part of you that you are trying to prove wrong, doesn't know if it's possible.

Q. With you growing up in British Columbia, you are doing okay, but you look around and nobody else from the neighborhood is going on to the NBA. Are you thinking NBA at that point?

STEVE NASH: About my senior year in high school, I was, decided it, so but it was a long road ahead, that's for sure. I only had one college scholarship offer, so there was a lot of improving to do and a lot of proving to do.

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