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May 24, 2005

Steve Nash


Q. You guys shot almost 56 percent and you still came up short. What more can you do?

STEVE NASH: Yeah, I mean, we played pretty well tonight. I think if we play as well as we did tonight we got a great chance to win next game. The last two games they have been phenomenal at making big shots in the fourth quarter and at some point you have just got to congratulate them and say you know, they are better than us tonight.

But I still think we were good enough to win a game tonight and if we play as well as we did tonight we have got a great chance to win the next game. So we just have to stay positive and hungry and go out there and give ourselves a chance again.

Q. Could you take us through that final three point attempt, obviously it was much different from the one you took in Dallas where you had much more time?

STEVE NASH: Yeah, I kind of -- I had a few seconds to get up the court and there was congestion, Bruce (Bowen switched out on me I had to lean away, didn't have much more, tried to get something to the rim see if it would get in. Didn't get a great look and couldn't get it to fall.

Q. Any fatigue out there playing 46 minutes tonight playing against a really aggressive defense?

STEVE NASH: You have your moments, but overall I felt pretty good, fatigue isn't really a concern right now.

Q. Can you talk about -- I know Robert (Horry) hit the shot but the little things that he did when the game was in crunch time, the charge, the rebound, the assist, the kind of player he is?

STEVE NASH: I don't know how many years Robert has been in the league, but long enough to play in a couple of Playoff games and win a couple of championships, so he's just a terrific veteran player and makes a lot of big plays for them and does a lot of little things. Huge part of their team to able to put him out on the court in the fourth quarter and make some plays for their squad.

Q. How much do you think experience is figured into what's happened in the fourth quarter the last two games?

STEVE NASH: I think it's very prominent. I think they have all been there before, our guys are pretty new to this and I think it shows, not necessarily in the lack of production from our guys but in the super production of their guys. Our guys are doing fine, I think in the fourth quarter. Only we can all improve, but they have just been phenomenal in the fourth quarter. I mean, what can you say. I mean, I think we had a pretty good defense on Robert when he made the three, Q was right there with him. He made a great shot and then you know, Manu (Ginobili) made an incredible play down the lane behind his back, kind of reverse layup, and I mean, at some point you have to say they deserved to win and they played better than us in the fourth and experience maybe gives them a lot of confidence and maybe they do some little things, but you know, I mean that's a big part of it and our guys I thought handled themselves well, we just didn't make the plays that they made.

Q. Surprised? Shocked? What is your feeling the fact that they came in here and won two the way you guys have been playing coming into the series.

STEVE NASH: I guess a bit of both. But at the same time you can't say too surprised. Terrific team. Obviously Tim is as good a player as there is in the world, the supporting cast is terrific and they are as well coached as team in the league. You are not really surprised at anything they accomplish. But very impressed with their performance in the fourth quarter. A lot of guys in the two nights really stepped up and made some huge shots and you know, at this point you kind of congratulate them and just try to go out and play like we did tonight and make them miss a couple of those in the fourth quarter in Game 3.

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