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June 6, 2005

Lindsey Hunter

Tayshaun Prince


TAYSHAUN PRINCE: Going Game 7 on the road, playing the best team in the Conference and the best record, definitely a great feeling to be able to get them on their own floor and give ourselves a chance to get back in the Finals.

Q. How much of it did it help being in this type of game?

TAYSHAUN PRINCE: Definitely the surrounding question that's been going on all day, but obviously the experience, the focus, I think when we've been in that position before, I think it kind of helped us out today. You know, when that game is tied up and there's two or three minutes left in the game, I think that's when we really dig down and run our offense the right way, the way it needs to be and then play good defense to help each other out and that's what we needed, especially when Wade was hitting those tough shots and Shaq was pretty much unstoppable under the basket.

Q. Lindsey, was there a moment with all of your experience, you thought, "here we are"?

LINDSEY HUNTER: Well, when we tied the game up, I was like, okay, we're good right now, fourth quarter. I think it was with four minutes left and we had the ball and I was like, okay, we're all right. We can handle it. Then you know defensively we really stepped it up. Defensively we really stepped it up. You know, Ben fought his heart out down low with Shaq, and that in itself, you've got to take your hat off to him.

Q. Talk about Rasheed's play.

LINDSEY HUNTER: Yeah, he stepped up and we've been trying to get him on the block all night. Haslem did a great job of making us do something else, but when he really gets fired up, he finds ways to get it done, and tonight he did.

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