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June 6, 2005

Richard Hamilton


Q. Given everything that this team has had to go through this season, how rewarding is that piece of hardware right there?

RICHARD HAMILTON: Oh, man, this is very rewarding. We went through a whole lot this year with the brawl, with guys being out, guys being hurt, Coach being sick and things like that. You know, I mean, it's a great feeling because we all came together, we all stuck together and we all had each other's back. To be in this situation again, whew, it's a great feeling.

Q. The score that you had in the first half was the top of the court, basically and then Dwyane Wade had the 12-point third quarter and ties the game up at 60 and then no more points for him the rest of the contest. What happened defensively for you?

RICHARD HAMILTON: I think that he came out, he made tough shots in the third quarter. The one thing that I wanted to try to do was try to wear him down. If he was going to keep making plays, tough plays, taking hits going to the basket, I knew eventually he was going to get tired. I just had to stick with it. I couldn't allow when he made a shot to frustrate me or anybody else. We just kept digging, kept digging. We get it down to these last couple of minutes, we get a lead we're going to hold on and get a win.

Q. It seemed like you played better in this series at home, but tonight you were able to excel on the road, why was that?

RICHARD HAMILTON: You know, just knuckle down. It's win or go home right now. I just took it upon myself to say, you know, it's like the NCAA Tournament, you're there for these situation, regardless of how you played or shot the ball the last previous games, you just figure, this is it right here, just lay it on the line and go out there and play.

Q. Can you talk a little bit about Bruce Bowen as a defender and your experiences against him and what you think of him as a defender. There have been some things said about Bruce's tactics.

RICHARD HAMILTON: Well, he's a defender. He's a guy that comes out and when he plays, you know, don't even look for his offense. He's a guy that just solely just plays defense. You know, he tries to hit you with all different parts of his body, tries to frustrate you and things like that. You know, it's a challenge, just like any other challenge.

Q. Is it true that you got a call from Stevie Wonder?


Q. Somebody said something about you getting a call from Stevie Wonder at the game or before the game.

RICHARD HAMILTON: (Laughing) no. No. That was funny. (Laughter).

Q. Wow.


Q. With all of the stuff going on about Larry, how were you guys able to continue to focus?

RICHARD HAMILTON: Like I said, you know, everybody has speculations. But the one thing with us is we know that we have a great group of guys in our locker room, we have a great coaching staff and you really can't believe what people say outside of that. You know, we figure, you know, we're the same group of guys that won the Championship last year, with the same coaching staff. You know, regardless of what people say we have to go out and try to win it again and we can't get caught up on what people say and things like that.

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