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June 4, 2005

Chauncey Billups


Q. Is this typical of you guys when you get your backs to the wall, you revert back to the defense and put your defense on the line there to get you back into it?

CHAUNCEY BILLUPS: Yeah, you know, we know what our meat and potatoes is, and that's our defense. We feel like when our defense is good, our offense is good because we make so many energy plays where we get out on the break and get some easy baskets in transition. I thought it was a good effort by us tonight all around.

Q. This will be a little bit different for you Monday, Game 7 on the road. Just talk about the challenge ahead in dealing with that.

CHAUNCEY BILLUPS: Yeah, it's a little different. We've got a few Game 7's here, but they have been at home. You know, we're a very good road team. Great teams win on the road. It's a little different challenge, you know what I mean, because we're playing a very, very good team and we're playing them at their place. You know, this is great basketball, man. I think we're all looking forward to that game on Monday. You know, like you said, it's a different challenge, but we're up for it.

Q. The backcourt had no turnovers, you and Rip, just talk about that and the importance of taking care of the basketball in this game in a big game?

CHAUNCEY BILLUPS: Well, against a team like that, you know, you turn it over a lot, you're really going to be in trouble. They have got some finishers and they have got some guys that can put them in the basket, they thrive on those kind of opportunities when you turn it over to get numbers on the other end and score. Tonight I thought we came out focused. I came out very focused and just trying to run a team and get our big guys involved and if I had some open shots I was going to take them. If not, I really wasn't going to force the issue. I felt like that's what we needed, we needed to play inside out, get 'Sheed going, at least let him get his hands on the ball. That's what I was focused on early in the game. I told Rip, "Just be aggressive, be aggressive and don't worry about me not being as aggressive. I'm going to be there ready and waiting when I had opportunities, but just be aggressive."

Q. When you guys talk about composure and going into a hostile environment --

CHAUNCEY BILLUPS: I'm sure we'll talk about all of that tomorrow, but, you know, like I said, we've been together for a while. We've been in tough, big games. We've all been in the foxhole together fighting with one another. This is like you said, on the road it's a little different, but we've got to play the same way. We've got to play just as aggressive. We've got to play with the same confidence that we played with at home which we always do. We're a very confident group, a lot of veterans, so I'm not worried about us losing our poise, our composure and breaking and cracking under pressure.

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