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June 2, 2005

Shaquille O'Neal


Q. Shaquille, why was there such a difference in energy and effort compared to Game 4?

SHAQUILLE O'NEAL: We knew that we couldn't let this slip away, especially here on the home floor. Played well, played with a lot of energy and good defense.

Q. What did you think when Wade went down?

SHAQUILLE O'NEAL: I just hoped he was okay. We knew that we had guys that want to play and we knew we would step it up.

Q. If he does have to miss Game 6, does that confidence remain that you can wrap it up in Game 6?

SHAQUILLE O'NEAL: Yes, somebody else just has to step up and we're going to have to play with energy in the game and know that if we do what we're supposed to, up there it's going to be a different game and we know what we have to do. We just have to go out and do it.

Q. What are your thoughts on George Mikan one of the greats men of the game?

SHAQUILLE O'NEAL: My condolences go out to his family. Me and him had a lot of personal conversations and he was always very, very nice to me. I said on the air (TNT) that I heard he was having problems. If his family contacts me, I would like to pay for the whole funeral and I would like to take care of them.

Q. You were able to keep their second-chance points down.

SHAQUILLE O'NEAL: We tried to hold them to one shot. We played a little bit better defense and we just played with a lot of energy and fed off the energy of our crowd and we have to go up there and try to close out. We're going to take care of business on Saturday.

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