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June 2, 2005

Rasual Butler

Udonis Haslem

Alonzo Mourning


Q. Zo, your defense was outstanding tonight. Can you talk little about it?

ALONZO MOURNING: We just did what we didn't do in Game 4. I mean, they shot like 38 percent and that had to do with our defensive intensity. We just played with a lot more sense of urgency. The approach to the game was, you know, tremendous. When you play with that type of intensity and aggressiveness, defensively, then that's the result. You get those results and across the board, everybody came in the game and did what they had to do to contribute on both ends of the floor, offensively and defensively.

Q. What you see when Dwyane went down?

ALONZO MOURNING: It looked kind of freakish to me. He hits the floor so much. I wonder if he's okay every time he hits the floor, you know. But this time he was a little slow getting up, so I just hope it's not as serious. He had that this look on his face that he WAS going to be all right. Just seeing him sitting here in the locker room. Obviously we have the best doctors and they are going to do what they can do to make sure everything was okay.

Q. When Dwyane got hurt, puts you in there a little bit more, do you have a different mind set knowing that you may be in there for the rest of the way and you don't know if he's coming back.

RASUAL BUTLER: Just suck it up and play hard. You know that with someone going down that you're going to get more opportunity to play. You'll get more shot attempts. You'll get more minutes, more everything. Once Dwyane went down, my mindset doesn't change. It just raises my focus. I was nervous. You don't want to see anyone get hurt. It's definitely difficult to make up what he brings to the table.

Q. Talk about those two shots you hit, you hit the fade-away, and the one you beat the buzzer on; what kind of a charge does that give you personally to hit those shots?

RASUAL BUTLER: I mean, it feels good, but those are shots that I've been taking my entire life. They were my go-to moves in high school and college and even here last year. For it to go down in Game 6 like that with such an electric crowd, it felt really good. I never experienced anything like that before. It's not like I went to the NCAA Tournament or anything coming out of the south, so it felt good.

Q. Did you see the shot clock and the jumper with Chauncey?

RASUAL BUTLER: I actually didn't, but I was listening to the crowd. I heard that they were counting down, so I knew how much time I had to get it off so, I just tried to just get a good shot off over the top.

Q. Talk a little about this position right now, 3-2, obviously you've got to get one more win but because you know you can win in Detroit. Is there any more comfortable feeling knowing that you've closed out on the road before?

UDONIS HASLEM: Not at all. We know we can't afford to let up. These guys have a lot of fight in them and they are going to give us all they can and we have to prepare for it.

Q. What was different, your intensity and energy as a team?

UDONIS HASLEM: Just come out and just put all the energy on the floor and let everything take care of itself and that's what we tried to do tonight.

Q. Talk about how the finger is, double-double tonight, there was a finger roll on the left hand to the basket; so you're fighting through the pain.

UDONIS HASLEM: It's like anything, you just get used to it. I know what to expect and how it feels. I have to go out and play. My teammates need me. I can't let my finger stop me from helping.

Q. There was a fist-pump in there at the end as you were getting more dominant opportunities on the board, as you were pulling them down and getting offensive rebounds back in as well, was that a focus coming in due to the speed of Detroit and their domination with second-chance points from Game 4?

UDONIS HASLEM: Most definitely. My job is to rebound, and I haven't been doing that the first couple of games and I just tried to put the emphasis on it tonight and chase those rebounds.

Q. You were not alone in the energy and effort that changed from Game 4 and Game 5. Talk about Shaquille coming out and DJ playing on both ends of the floor?

UDONIS HASLEM: Yeah, like Coach said before the game, he called upon everybody to give a team effort, not just Dwyane or not just Shaq. He called everybody up. I think I think everybody came and stepped up to the plate tonight.

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