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June 2, 2005

Ben Wallace

Rasheed Wallace


Q. Rasheed, down 3-2 going back home, one game left. What happened tonight, 16 points combined?

RASHEED WALLACE: Wasn't a lot of time for us out there on that floor. You know, had to put up with the extra help they had out there.

Q. What do you mean "extra help"?

RASHEED WALLACE: Come on, man. Don't try to bait me on this. You already know what I mean.

Q. What's the mindset of this team right now?

RASHEED WALLACE: We still can do it. We might have lost this game, and, you know, we got the forces against us. We still can do it. We've done it before and this is something new. We've been on this road before.

Q. Can you talk about the level of frustration trying to get into some sort of rhythm offensively and have the fouls called on you guys?

RASHEED WALLACE: You can't, it's blowing every time down the court, every other time down the court. That makes our offense stagnant.

Q. Larry was telling you guys, try to play through the officiating. How tough was that?

RASHEED WALLACE: It's real damn tough. Y'all had to see that. Y'all had to see that out there. It's so blatant, I mean, you know, it's so blatant. I'm going to see out of -- y'all who really know basketball by reading your columns and sports stories tonight. It's too blatant out there.

Q. Do you have a gut feeling at all about Game 6?

RASHEED WALLACE: Oh, we're going to win Game 6. They are going to send some good people out there and there's going to be a Game 7. There's no other series. If y'all can't see that, you're all crazy.

Q. Obviously you wanted to play real well.

BEN WALLACE: They won, we lost.

Q. 16 points from your bigs, what was going wrong?

BEN WALLACE: I don't know. We're going to take it back to Detroit and see what they do there.

Q. You were in a similar situation last year, you went to New Jersey and won the series; do you draw on that come Saturday night?

BEN WALLACE: I don't know. Just go out and play basketball. Forget anything else, just go out there and play ball.

Q. Is it frustrating to play the game when there's so many whistles and you can't get any rhythm on the offense or the defense?

BEN WALLACE: Takes the rhythm out of the game but it is what it is. We can play better, though.

Q. Is that maybe the most disheartening thing about this is that you guys could not come out and match their energy in a big game?

BEN WALLACE: We came out, we didn't play as well as we would like, but, you know, the series ain't over. We've still got a lot of basketball to play.

Q. Was that the best Shaq's played in this series so far?

BEN WALLACE: Shaq does that every night. You know, that wasn't the reason we lost. Like I said, we can play better than we played tonight.

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