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May 31, 2005

Tayshaun Prince

Rasheed Wallace


Q. What was the difference tonight in the defense against Wade; he got his points but he had to work a lot harder for them?

TAYSHAUN PRINCE: They did a tremendous job tonight. Lindsey did a great job, but we had to switch up something. Rip did a great job just trying to keep him busy a little bit. Obviously it was a different situation tonight where Rip just kind of picked them up a little bit and made him work a little bit coming up the court. Definitely, it was a great defensive job by everybody tonight. I know the score was high, but we did great things limiting turnovers on our part and just got to continue to concentrate more.

Q. Is this another example of you guys coming through with your backs against the wall?

TAYSHAUN PRINCE: It was just a situation of you're down 2-1, the crowd was into it tonight again which helped us out, but we made some shots early. We kind of got into the groove and ran some plays and things worked out well for us. Both teams got in foul trouble. The difference was, you know, Lindsey and Rip putting on defensive pressure, and that's how we've got to play it.

Q. How were you able so stay so focused?

RASHEED WALLACE: Like I said before, it was only a 2-1 series and now it's even. It would have been a different story, I guess a different atmosphere if it was a 3-1 series, but it's 2-2.

Q. Was it the defense or the foul trouble or both that held them to nine shots from the field tonight?

RASHEED WALLACE: Everybody had fouls; they did, we did. You know, it was just a team effort.

Q. Can you talk about the job that you guys did on Wade? He had his points, but he worked hard for them tonight.

RASHEED WALLACE: That's the main thing. We can't make it easy for him and I think Lindsey and Rip and Chauncey, they did a good job. It takes those four guys to guard that one; that shows you how much he had the ball in his hand. He had to work hard for it.

Q. You guys have had these situations before in the playoffs: Down to the Nets, down to the Pacers, why do you think you have to be down before you get to come up?

RASHEED WALLACE: I don't know, that's a good question. That's one we sometimes ask ourselves. I guess just answering that with your back against the wall, I'm not sure.

Q. How was it with Rip on him tonight?

RASHEED WALLACE: It was a little different, a little different look. Rip, he's like that little pest out there, and same thing with Lindsey and that sometimes gets him out of his comfort zone.

Q. Before the game did you say anything in the locker room to get the team to block out the other stuff going on?

RASHEED WALLACE: We're not worried about that. That's stuff that y'all are saying so we ain't worried about that. We've just got to keep playing.

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