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May 31, 2005

Dwyane Wade


Q. It seemed like they tried to face-guard you when he didn't have the ball and when you did have the ball they were just swarming you. Can talk about what they tried to do with you tonight?

DWYANE WADE: That's exactly what they did. They had Rip face-guard me a little bit when I didn't have the ball and when I had it, I guess they tried to apply more pressure on the ball, but the same thing they have been doing every game when I've got the ball. So it wasn't any different to me.

Q. The defensive effort today, they changed obviously, put Hamilton on you, did the fact that he's faster, did that affect your game, as compared to the previous game when Tayshaun was the primary defensive man?

DWYANE WADE: No. Not at all. You know, when I got the ball, I got any shot I wanted. You know, I hit some, I missed some. It wasn't a big thing to me at all.

Q. There were certain times when you seemed to be a little frustrated. Were you frustrated with the lack of cause, defense or just missing shots or what was going on?

DWYANE WADE: Just different parts of the game. I mean, as a player, you always when things don't go right, you get mad when you do something wrong, of course, and that's all that was. You know, I came back the next play after that and the next play after that and the next play after that. It wasn't anything, it wasn't a cause, I'm not crying about cause. It wasn't missing shots. I was getting mad in different situations and bouncing right back.

Q. Do you feel like you had sort of a missed opportunity here after taking Game 3 and not being able to take Game 4, and how much of that do you sort of pin on the team defense allowing Detroit to get to triple figures?

DWYANE WADE: Pretty much all of it is on our defense. I think it all started from earlier in the game. You know, losing Shaq and Zo early kind of hurt us, but at the same time, the group that was in, we really didn't come out with the intensity defensively that we needed in Game 4 in-house, when they are going to come out with so much energy and confidence.

Q. Seems like a must-win at this time of the year. So, you know, Game 5 is a must-win, and they probably think the same way.

DWYANE WADE: Every game we're in is a must-win. We're at home, we're confident at home, go back to South Beach and see another great game.

Q. How does your defense need to change when Shaq's not on the floor?

DWYANE WADE: You know, I don't think it needs to change. Just need to pick up tonight the intensity. You know, it wasn't there, and that was the only thing. We've been playing without Shaq most of the season. We are not ever going to come in and say that Shaq was out and that's why the defense wasn't as good. We just didn't have the intensity and we put on all of our shoulders because there was five guys on the floor at the time and we'll come out and try and do it better the next game.

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