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May 30, 2005

Tayshaun Prince


Q. It's got to be annoying to you guys, you guys had the lead in the fourth quarter both games and it slipped away. Is it poise?

TAYSHAUN PRINCE: I mean, it's a little bit of everything. Obviously I think by the situation, we do finish and close out games. Obviously we have poor performances starting the game. We do a good job of staying close, giving ourselves a chance to win, and obviously if we've got a lead in the fourth, from that point out, things just didn't go right for us and went downhill.

Q. You guys are known for keeping your cool. What happened last night?

TAYSHAUN PRINCE: It's hard to say. We just went away from what we like doing on the offensive end, and obviously defensively we had some breakdowns and they took advantage of it, and that was pretty much the bottom line.

Q. The way that you played Wade last night, it seemed like to me that you gave him more room at the top of his offense than you had before, not pressuring him a lot, allowing him to see the floor maybe?

TAYSHAUN PRINCE: No, not necessarily. I think obviously the situation with him, I can't pick the guy full court up top; he's too fast. I think obviously when you saw Lindsey on him picking him up like that, obviously that definitely suits Lindsey a lot better than me. Obviously I can't play him that close. I try to give him room. But his jump shots were definitely on last night, and when he makes shots like that, then he gets hot.

Q. You guys are known for your defense. What specifically was breaking down defensively to allow them to get 113 points?

TAYSHAUN PRINCE: There's been a lot of games where we pretty much scored in the 70s, 80s, things like that, and then there will be a game where teams get hot on the offensive end. A team that shoots 60 percent in the first half, it's not by luck. They made shots, got some easy baskets and made some tough jump shots. Like I said, despite all that, we were down two points. That's all we did wrong. Obviously the mental breakdown as far as the fourth quarter, we weren't able to get it done.

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