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May 30, 2005

Rasheed Wallace


Q. Do you feel like there's anything you need to do differently either on Shaquille because he kept getting you guys in foul trouble?

RASHEED WALLACE: We just have to go out and play aggressive, play hard. He's a big guy out there, so it's not like we can fly up or nothing like that. He plays hard and aggressive.

Q. Any guarantees for Game 4?

RASHEED WALLACE: No, I told you I only can do that once a year.

Q. What was your confidence level at Game 1?

RASHEED WALLACE: It was pretty high. I think it's pretty high. Guys know where we made mistakes, we could have advanced and opened it up. I think we tied at 89 or 79 or something like that and we didn't take advantage of it. Our spirits are still high.

Q. Chauncey said that the frustration wasn't caused by what the Heat was doing; there were other factors that led to the frustration.

RASHEED WALLACE: I'm not going to dwell on too much the point where it came from, but me, I agree with all that.

Q. The fact that you guys were down 2-1 in the last series, down 3-2 to Jersey, how much is that kind of a confidence boost that you know you've been in these situations before?

RASHEED WALLACE: Like I said, that's why our spirits are so high, because we've had our backs against the wall, especially like you mentioned, that Jersey series of last year. I know that we can answer, come out and answer that bell with our backs against the wall. So I'm not worried about it too much.

Q. Talk about taking Game 4 from this team.

RASHEED WALLACE: I think we're going to be sharper. No question, we're going to be sharper. We know what we've got to do. We know the certain spots where we could have had them, so we've just got to take advantage of it.

Q. You had pretty good success kind of baiting Shaquille to take the ball off the dribble, you got him into some walking situations where he was kind of fumbling. Are you playing on balance a little bit there and getting him to lean one way?

RASHEED WALLACE: Just a little. But with me, shoot, I'm only about 250, so if that man really wanted to go in and power dribble and bang it, then it wouldn't be too much I could do. But like I said, just got to stay aggressive and not back down. You've got to sacrifice your body; you're going to get hit with some elbows and all that stuff, but that's all part of it.

Q. Why do you think you guys are survivors?

RASHEED WALLACE: Not taking nothing away from them, they did a good job. They did what they needed to do to get the victory and go up 2-1, so I've got to commend them for that. But we're not giving up.

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