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May 30, 2005

Eddie Jones


EDDIE JONES: All of a sudden it got to the point where we really believed in what we were doing.

Q. Do you think it got to a point where you just got them to bow out?

EDDIE JONES: You know what, I don't know. I've never played the championship here. Hopefully this is the year and later on I can tell you about it. It definitely feels different. To me it feels like a special year. It felt that way all season long, that we were going to do something special. Time is now and opportunity is now.

Q. Reaching your first NBA Finals with the Heat, talk about how that would feel.

EDDIE JONES: We'll just continue to push forward, continue to go stronger, get better, do whatever it takes in order to get a win right now.

Q. What will it take to have the killer instinct to win Game 4?

EDDIE JONES: It's going to take a lot. I think everybody in that locker room, it's going to take a great effort and energy, probably more energy than anything because they're going to come out with great killer energy and this crowd is going to be rocking and we're going to have to have effort from everybody on rebounding and defense, just focus really. It's going to take all those things in order for us to get a win.

Q. Do you think it hurts their confidence that you scored 113 points on them in this building?

EDDIE JONES: Maybe so, I don't know. All season long we've had a pretty good offensive team. At some point good offensive teams have good nights. I think last night was a good offensive night.

Q. You guys really played defensively last night.

EDDIE JONES: I think at that point, having a lead, you really try your best to stay focused on the defensive end, and I think that's really what it was, and we were able to maintain out lead.

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