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May 30, 2005

Dwyane Wade


Q. Dwyane, as you look back what is the most satisfying thing about last night's win?

DWYANE WADE: Getting the win on their home floor, the first round in a hostile environment. That's the main thing, just gutting it out when things weren't going right, when they had the lead, and we came back with a team effort to get the win.

Q. What's been the big difference in your being able to score in Game 1, you were frustrated, now it seems like you're being able to get to the rim at will?

DWYANE WADE: It's just about confidence. Game 1 I was out of rhythm and we hadn't played in 11 days and I missed some shots and I was out of rhythm. Games 2 and 3 I've been in rhythm so hopefully I continue to do it.

Q. Those guys were saying earlier today that right now when you're hitting that 18-footer it's almost impossible to stop, and they're going to live and die hopefully with you taking the long jumper and hopefully you cool off.

DWYANE WADE: (Laughing) Well, when I'm hitting that jumper, my confidence does rise and it opens up a lot of things for my teammates. I will continue to shoot it. If I miss some in a row, I will continue to shoot and continue to attack at the same time. Whatever the game gives me, I'm going to try to take it and hopefully I'll prevail.

Q. They've made a lot of adjustments on you, different defenders and that sort of thing. Have you had to in turn adjust or are you just kind of playing your game?

DWYANE WADE: I'm just playing and just doing what I can to help my team win. I mean, Lindsey does a great job, he's shorter, a little quicker, so he does a great job of pressuring, but at the same time I feel very confident that I can get the shot when I want a shot. This is about taking a good shot, and that's what I was trying to do last night.

Q. How do you adjust between when Prince defends you as opposed to Lindsey Hunter defending you?

DWYANE WADE: It's length with Prince and it's quickness with Lindsey. You try not to play around with Lindsey too much. You want to go by him, and with Tayshaun, you don't want to settle too much because he's a great defender when he can use his length; he's one of the best. It's just about the theory of the game. When Lindsey is thinking if I'm tired, then I'm not going to be bringing the ball up because he will get all up in you from 94 feet.

Q. What would it mean to go up 3-1 on this team getting them again on their home court tomorrow night?

DWYANE WADE: It's going to take a lot of will. The game isn't going to be easy for either team. It's going to be whoever makes the plays they need to win. The last three games, every game has been tied with six minutes left, and fortunately we were able to win two of the three. We're only up two games to one. We have to come out and not worry about being on the road, come out and worry about feeling overall that we have a better team and we have to play like it.

Q. How do you feel that now there's maybe not so much pressure on you knowing that the guys can actually pull the game off, for example, when you were on the bench yesterday with five fouls and down five?

DWYANE WADE: It's just not now, I always feel confident that those guys look at me to do different things on the court, to probably make a shot here and there, but when I'm out, I'm always counting on guys that are going to step up. They did it yesterday. I'm glad they did it so people will stop saying that this is a two-man team. This is a team -- basketball is a team game. It takes 12 guys to win, not two. So I'm glad everybody stepped up, made the shots, and now we can move on from it being just a two-man team.

Q. Detroit said they had a meltdown last night. Were you surprised to see that in the final minutes?

DWYANE WADE: No, I'm not surprised. It happens. It happens to the best of us, especially when your competitiveness gets going. We had a meltdown, it just wasn't the last two minutes. It was probably eight or six minutes left, we started getting frustrated with the calls. I mean, it just happened with them a little later in the game.

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