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May 28, 2005

Damon Jones


DAMON JONES: The numbers show when we get out-rebounded we're not as successful as when we control the drive. We just want to get in there and try to get as many as I could, try and keep Ben Wallace and Rasheed Wallace and Tayshaun Prince off the boards, so there was a lot of long rebounding, and I was able to scoop up a few.

Q. Eddie said, too, that they tip a lot of balls out. Heading back on D, you're looking for it?

DAMON JONES: You have to. When Ben Wallace and those guys can't get it, they are good enough to try to tip it back out to Chauncey and Richard to try to get another possession, so just try to stand around the free throw line and sneak in there every now and then, try to get whatever is available.

Q. How frustrating is it for you guys that in the first two third quarters they've had those big runs. How do you feel while that's going on?

DAMON JONES: I mean, it's disappointing that we're not coming out with the sense of urgency that we need after halftime, but in Game 2 we were able to withstand that run and make plays down the stretch to get the win. So that's the most important thing, being able to win. But we understand that we have to be focused coming out of the locker room. With a lead or without a lead, because we know down at their place, the fans are going to be into the game and there's going to be runs. As much as we can do to withstand those runs, it's going to be to our favor.

Q. Stan was saying that this game and in Detroit, all four quarters are going to count. What's the key to being sure that in that third quarter you're more efficient?

DAMON JONES: Not just the third quarter but all five quarters. I think it's going to take a great effort for 52 minutes to get this win, and it's going to be rally up there. They came in and they got one win and they have home court advantage to this point, so we have to go up there and be really focused and do everything that we can to get a victory.

Q. Overtime prediction here?

DAMON JONES: Not overtime, but the first four or five minutes of warm-ups is going to be important.

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