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May 28, 2005

Udonis Haslem

Eddie Jones


Q. What's your mindset going into Game 3?

EDDIE JONES: You know, we should be mentally and physically ready to go out and give everything we've got in us. That's our mindset. We need to go up there and get a victory, just like we did in Game 2.

Q. Is it going to take the perfect team effort for you guys to go ahead and snatch Game 3?

EDDIE JONES: It has to be. We have to do it defensively, we have to do it on the boards, we have to do it -- containing those guys off the dribble. We've just got to do it all around. It has to be an all-around game.

Q. What's it going to take for you guys to stop those third quarter runs that they've had?

EDDIE JONES: Like I said, I believe -- unless we have an incredible, incredible shooting night, we're going to have to hold this team to under 40 percent shooting. I mean, if we don't do that, it's going to be a dogfight. It's going to be a grind-out game.

Q. How much is it the finger, though, because Stan said he wasn't sure it had much to do with how you're playing?

UDONIS HASLEM: I mean, it's painful, but a lot of it is probably mental, also. It's probably more mental. Instead of just going out and playing, I'm probably worrying about my finger instead of just going out and trying to play basketball.

Q. Do you think about it when you go up for a rebound or do you think about it --

UDONIS HASLEM: I know what kind of pain I'm dealing with, I know it's going to hurt when I catch the ball, I know it's going to hurt when I shoot the ball, I know it's going to hurt when I get a rebound. So the bottom line is you're dealing with it and going out and playing.

Q. How do you stop thinking about it?

UDONIS HASLEM: Just keep at it. I've always played hard regardless of the situation, I've played with injuries, and this is just another injury I've got to play through.

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