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May 27, 2005

Dwyane Wade


Q. Now that you've had an opportunity to reflect on the game a little bit and see it from a couple of days of reflection, is it as good as it felt once you watched it?

DWYANE WADE: Well, it felt good because it was a needed win. We know we just didn't play that well. There's a lot of talk about they didn't play well, but we didn't play well neither, so it was good to get a win at home and now we'll go on the road and try and pick up another one.

Q. When you think about the impact of Alonzo Mourning, his blocks are obvious. Talk about his impact from an inspirational standpoint. Is he emerging as one of the top guys in the field from that standpoint?

DWYANE WADE: No question, very emotional; you can tell every day every time he steps on that court what he's still playing this game for. He's not doing it for money, he's not doing it for fame, he's just doing it for the love. You've got to respect a guy that's been doing that for 13 years.

Q. As for Game 3, obviously this is going to be a chess match and they're going to try to figure out how to stop you from scoring 20 in a quarter again. What do you anticipate from them from the onset?

DWYANE WADE: Well, I don't know. We're going to go over different schemes in practice, be ready for anything they give us, whether it's the same as last game, whether they blitz me or whatever. We're going to go through all of them in practice.

Q. There's no gut feeling of what they're going to do?

DWYANE WADE: No, there's no gut feeling. Maybe they think their defense is good enough and they won't do nothing. You never know. I'll be ready for the game and whatever they throw at me.

Q. Detroit is up in the air with Larry's future. Do you think that's going to impact them at all?

DWYANE WADE: No question. They're a very confident team. They thought they could come up here and get two in Miami. They feel like they're in control of the series still and they're going to go up there and play like this, but we'll see when the ball goes up, I think we've got a good chance of winning, also.

Q. A non-basketball question. How did you pick No. 3?

DWYANE WADE: I started wearing it my first year when I played. I just thought it was a great number for me. I picked it because it represented the Trinity, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Q. Do you think they'll pay more attention to you, maybe double team you?

DWYANE WADE: I'm not really thinking about it. Coach is going to give us many schemes to go over. I told you I was thinking about it. My job is to think about how I can help my team win, so when the game comes, whatever they're going to through at home I'm sure I'll be prepared for.

Q. Why do you think the playoff teams, the road team is more successful in the playoffs than it is during the regular season?

DWYANE WADE: I don't know, especially at this time of the year when you get to the finals, both teams are good enough to win. When you go on the road, all you've got to do is steal one. It's easier that way than a team that's at home and got to get two and if they don't get two then their back is against the wall.

Q. Have you been reading anything, watching anything? What have you been watching?

DWYANE WADE: No, I haven't been watching. I've been relaxing with my son. I haven't really watched any TV lately.

Q. Did you watch that night after that game?

DWYANE WADE: I don't go to sleep a lot, but I don't really be up watching TV. I'm just up. That's just how I am, I'm sure.

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