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June 21, 2005

Rasheed Wallace


Q. You said this morning you were talking about the play you made at the end of Game 5 and you said that you were going to be particularly going after it tonight. How emotionally did you approach the game and how do you feel you played?

RASHEED WALLACE: Just went at it as another good game. Even though I did a bonehead play the other night, I had to put it behind me. It was over with, just came out and had to play tonight.

Q. As a group the Pistons all talk about how you guys are best when your backs are up against the wall, how do you feel you personally react when you're under pressure?

RASHEED WALLACE: I mean, it's no pressure. I don't feel pressure. No matter if it's the game-winning shot or I've got the ball on the last possession, I don't feel no pressure, because you've still got to go out there and play.

Q. This group of Spurs have never been to a Game 7 , Tim, Tony or Manu, you guys have been there, done that. Do you think you hold an advantage from having been there and if so, kind of what have you learned from playing in Game 7s, what's it like?

RASHEED WALLACE: To be comfortable. You know, some shots are big shots -- well, in game 7, every shot is a big shot, really, and every possession is a big possession, but you've just got to go out there and just play, man. That's something that, like you said, we're used to, Game 7 last series and Game 7 last year. So we pretty much have a slight advantage in that, but you've got to throw that out the window because they are too good.

Q. You guys hit eight three-pointers the entire series, but you hit eight tonight. Was that by design or you just were feeling?

RASHEED WALLACE: Just shooting, just shooting. You know, it wasn't no special three-point play that Pound for Pound drew up in the huddle or nothing. Just took what they gave us.

Q. What did you see down late when you were able to strip the ball from Manu, what was that play and can you describe what you saw him doing and how you were able to do that?

RASHEED WALLACE: I wish I would have got my hand on it the other night. You know, honestly, that's the first thing that popped in my head, I wish I could have got that little hit the other night on the ball. But, hey, got a win and tonight and it counted to force a Game 7.

Q. You talk about not being able to sit down for the ten-minute mark, was that frustration or nervous energy?

RASHEED WALLACE: No nervous energy or frustration, I've got to be heard. I can't be heard too much from sitting down on the bench so I still try to keep myself in the game even if I'm not in the game. I think that's what everyone on the bench does, everybody that stepped on the floor tonight contributed and everybody that was sitting on that bench tonight contributed.

Q. Could I ask you to talk about what this team, and I know you knew this team had it in it, but what it team showed tonight by forcing a Game 7 and winning in a place where you had not really good success in the past?

RASHEED WALLACE: Oh, yeah, I seen that little -- that little stat there the last couple -- the laugh ten games here, actually. You know, the Spurs were undefeated against the Pistons, but stuff like that, just got to throw it out the window, man, and just play, just throw it out out there on the line. Tonight we showed guts, we wanted to show the game guts Thursday.

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