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October 25, 1997

Chad Ogea


Q. Chad, is it a little hard to believe that you just got two hits in the World Series games to a guy that pitched a no-hitter?

CHAD OGEA: Yes, I was just trying to go up and make contact and it happened that the ball went through. And it was fun.

Q. When was the last time you got a hit?

CHAD OGEA: High school. It's been a long time.

Q. Do you remember who it was against?

CHAD OGEA: No. I can't remember that far back. Probably my senior year in high school.

Q. Were you a good hitter in high school?

CHAD OGEA: I guess. If they threw a fastball up there I could hit it. I'm glad they didn't throw me any breaking balls tonight, I probably wouldn't have had much of a chance.

Q. Your first at-bat against Kevin Brown you fouled off four pitches, did you get a good feel for what he was throwing?

CHAD OGEA: I know the hitters will laugh at me for saying this, but for the last game I saw the ball go out of his hand and I was on it, it's just that he has incredible sink on his ball, it's hard and sinking fast. And I was just missing those, I was telling myself to hit the ball to right field and make contact.

Q. Early in the game they were hitting a lot of long fly balls, did that concern you about your stuff or was that just using the ballpark?

CHAD OGEA: No, they were outs, and that's all I cared about. You know when a guy hits the ball really good off you and you know when they pop the ball up. And normally I'm a ground ball pitcher, but it just so happened that they were getting under some balls and popping them up. The defense played wonderful behind me, Grissom makes that catch off the warning track on Conine.

Q. Two things, can you tell us the name of your high school, and also if you could talk a little bit about your season. You had an injury that took you out for a long time, and you were AAA in August, if you could imagine it possible?

CHAD OGEA: St. Louis High School, it's in Lake Charles, Louisiana. And as far as the injury, the biggest thing is, I want to give glory to God because I wouldn't be sitting here today -- I was on the DL for two months. In my wildest dreams I didn't think I'd be in this situation. I came back healthy, worked hard on the DL, rearranged my routine and got with it. And I started throwing the ball really well in September and it just carried over into the postseason.

Q. Chad, in the 6th do you think you're running the bases had anything to do with your tiring in the 6th?

CHAD OGEA: I was absolutely gassed. When you don't run the bases at all it's definitely different, and when I got to third, after Bip's hit I was pretty tired.

Q. What kind of bats do you use? Do you have your own bats?

CHAD OGEA: They give us bats with the World Series emblems on it. But we stash those away and I used Orel's bats. Orel is a pretty good hitting pitcher.

Q. Did you hit at all in college?

CHAD OGEA: No, no. They used a DH in college. It was strictly pitching.

Q. What size bat is that?

CHAD OGEA: I have no idea. It just felt comfortable swinging that one.

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