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October 23, 1997

Kevin Brown


Q. Kevin the second time around at the ball club, how do you approach it?

KEVIN BROWN: Same way as you would against any other game. We have to go out and try to do what we do well, make good pitches, they're good teams, it's pretty obvious. Again, you've got to go out and make good pitches and hope things bounce your way.

Q. Do you remember sequences on each batter that you threw last game to try to make sure you don't repeat it and do things differently?

KEVIN BROWN: No, that's not -- I don't try to remember that much in detail. There's no reason, just because you're throwing a guy one way, you don't ever throw him that way again. There's only so many different ways you can pitch. The key is to make good pitches.

Q. There's been a very high number of walks on both sides in the games played here, have your fellow pitchers been telling you they've had trouble gripping the ball in the cold weather?

KEVIN BROWN: They really haven't said anything about it, but I wouldn't doubt it must have played some degree, but I don't know how much.

Q. Kevin, the combination of the illness you had earlier this month and you never pitched this deep into a year, how much do you have left in your tank?

KEVIN BROWN: I don't know.

Q. How about starting in Florida rather than having to start here, did that affect you at all?

KEVIN BROWN: Again, you're talking about speculation. You've got to start somewhere, started in Florida half the games the last two years, I don't know if it's good or better or what, it's just a fact. It's not something I'm worried about one way or another.

Q. Kevin, your manager was just in here and said that Orel Hershiser is one of the best pitchers in the game at making adjustments after having a bad outing. He expects to see a better pitcher tonight, how are you at that?

KEVIN BROWN: I guess we'll find out Saturday. I didn't throw the ball that badly I don't think, but I felt like I could throw the ball better. And that's my plan -- is to go out and do a better job next time and hopefully get them to hit ground balls to people.

Q. You might be out there Saturday with a chance to pitch the clinch win in front of the home fans, has that daydream ever gone through your mind?

KEVIN BROWN: Sure it has. When we got to the point we had a chance to make it this far. I think everybody would like to have a chance to be on the field. In the final game or possible final game of the World Series, that's what it's all about. I'd much rather be out there with a chance to clinch the World Series, rather than battling back. That depends on what happens tonight. Whether we win or lose tonight doesn't change what I've got to do on the field Saturday.

Q. Kevin, both Hargrove and Leyland made reference to your arm slot after the last game that you pitched and you said after that game you didn't want to comment on it then. Looking back on it, looking at the tape, is there anything that you saw that you would do differently in regards to that?

KEVIN BROWN: Just some days you're better than others, that's all this boils down to. You don't have the best up every time out, you make adjustments and deal with what you've got that night. Again, if I could go back and have a couple of ground balls hit in that second inning, nobody would be asking us that question. That's the nature of the game. And I've always changed arm slots here, and it's brought me a lot of success the last couple of years, and I'm not about to change at this point in time.

Q. Given the fact that the ground balls are a variable with you, and all that, are you glad to know you will not be pitching in weather where fielders could have trouble and you saw the slip last night and there are problems here for some guys?

KEVIN BROWN: Definitely. The better the field conditions, as far as for the guys on the infield, especially, the better it is for me. And I'm not sure, I would think the field in Florida would be in better shape because of the lack of real cold weather, and also we had a lot of moisture on the ground the last few days. So it should help me. And again, it's just a matter of one of those things you really can't put your finger on, it's an intangible. And you try not to worry about it one way or another.

Q. Kevin, you've pitched in Jacobs Field before, obviously, with Texas, when the Series shifted here there was some talk about the atmosphere that will be waiting here with the Series, with the fans and sold out and not to mention the weather, what was your opinion of the two games here, so far, the baseball atmosphere in this place?

KEVIN BROWN: It's great baseball atmosphere, no doubt. It has been ever since they opened up this park. The fans have been steady and consistent as far as being here and also being supportive of the team. But I don't think it's been overwhelming. I think we played at other places that were very loud and we've had other games where we've had a lot of crowd noise, and the thing is when you get out on the baseball field you're not worried about what the crowd is doing, if you're concentrating on your job, you're not worried about what's going on in the stands.

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