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November 1, 2001

Scott Brosius

Mike Mussina


Q. Scott, can you try to put into words what this evening was like, the way the team came back in almost identical circumstances?

SCOTT BROSIUS: It's pretty amazing. You can't draw up two better innings than we had other than maybe trying to score some runs earlier in the game. But to have a situation two nights in a row and have it happen is pretty unbelievable.

Q. Can you talk about the ability of why this team doesn't give up, why this team is able to come back?

SCOTT BROSIUS: I don't know. I don't know if you can really answer that, other than just, the strength of our team, one of the strengths has always been that we play hard for 27 outs. You certainly don't want to try to make a living waiting until the 26th out to make something happen but it's just worked out the last couple of nights and it's just -- I don't know, made for just great innings out here at the stadium.

Q. Scott, when you are -- after you hit the home run, it looked just like a replay from '98; did you automatically think about that?

SCOTT BROSIUS: No, I didn't really think about that honestly. There's so many things that go through your head. When I hit it, you've got tons of emotion from hitting the home run, but at the same time you realize that the game is still tied and there's still a game to try to win. So it's weird, you go from just this high to all of a sudden you have to get yourself back together again and realize there's still some game left to play.

Q. Scott, what was the sense in the dugout after the 11th when you guys came off the field after getting out of the jam?

SCOTT BROSIUS: Yeah, Mo did a great job. The leadoff hit and then that little bloop single, you know he made big pitches, obviously we know Mo has done that his whole career in the post-season. He just gets big outs. Obviously, it's a huge lift to get out of that inning right there and give us a chance to try to win it.

Q. Have you ever been involved in a pair of comebacks like this consecutive at any level of baseball?

MIKE MUSSINA: Well, I don't think you go through the clubhouse and find anybody that's been through two games like this. I know I'm a lot grayer than I was two days ago, and, you know, being on another club and watching this team do this for this long, it just has -- these guys for some reason believe that they can come back no matter what the situation is because they have done it so many times and the more it happens the more they feed off of that and believe that the game is not over until there's 27 outs up there. It just so happens that these two nights in a row, in the biggest -- on the biggest stage that could have happened, it's happened two nights in a row for us and we still have one game to play, one game to win. Just the last two nights have been phenomenal.

SCOTT BROSIUS: Not much I could add to that. I cannot imagine ever being on a team or in a situation where, again, in that type of stage, to have, really, three just unbelievable games in a row like that and to pull them all out has never happened to me before.

Q. What made Batista so tough tonight?

SCOTT BROSIUS: He has a good arm. Again, I think everybody talks about the No. 1 and No. 2 over there, but he has a good arm and he threw the ball well, was moving the fastball quite a bit, saw two-seamers in one at-bat and cutters the next. So you didn't have a certain pitch to sit on or a location to look. He was really moving it around and he was throwing his offspeed well.

Q. Tino said yesterday when he was in this situation that he was thinking home run when he went up to the plate; what were you thinking?

SCOTT BROSIUS: He's a better home run hitter than I am. That was not going through my head. Again, you know, having seen him a couple of times last night I was really just trying to find something in the zone and hit it hard and keep a rally going and hit it hard and I was just fortunate; it went up in the air.

Q. Can you talk about your emotions and what was going through your mind as you watched Scott go to the plate and what went through your mind as you saw the ball go?

MIKE MUSSINA: I think we were all feeling the same emotions we were feeling 24 hours ago. We had just not put much together up until that point and we pitched well enough to -- certainly, well enough to win and all of a sudden, last night, Tino put a swing on the ball and we are right back in it and tonight Scott puts one on the ball and you go from being very dejected, especially yesterday because we could have been 3-1 down and all of a sudden, you're right back in the game. You know they are thinking, how in the world can this be happening once, let alone twice, in two nights. I got dressed and went back out in the dugout for the last three innings of the game. You just have to be there. It's the World Series. You have to be there.

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