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July 13, 1999

Rafael Palmeiro

Ivan Rodriguez


Q. Would you talk about your game plan in working both McGwire and Sosa?

IVAN RODRIGUEZ: Basically it was to try to throw strikes. We've got to throw strikes, keep the ball down. And what we've got to do today was throw a lot of fast balls on those two guys.

Q. Being a great hitter yourself, would you talk about the beginning of this evening, getting a chance to talk to Ted Williams.

RAFAEL PALMEIRO: We weren't expecting that, we didn't know we were going to be around him on the mound. It was an emotional time. I think everybody -- we had chills all over. It was very nice being up there with a legend like that, the greatest hitter of all time. I was really proud to be a part of this.

Q. Do you want to add anything, Ivan?

IVAN RODRIGUEZ: Just being the hero, being in the Big Leagues, seeing a person like that is something very special for me. To see Ted Williams, to be close to him, it's kind of nice. And it's something that's going to be with me for the rest of my life.

Q. Rafael, to expand on that, when they announced for the players to return to the dugouts, you signaled that you didn't want to go.

RAFAEL PALMEIRO: Well, that's a chance of a lifetime. The game can wait, you know. I know that everybody in the world wants to see the game. But to me that was a big moment in a lot of players' careers. And let's keep this going as long as it can go. And he definitely deserves it.

Q. Ivan, would you talk about catching Pedro and about the stuff he had tonight?

IVAN RODRIGUEZ: I think he's one of the best pitchers right now in the game. He's a hard thrower. The first two pitches he threw to me, I wasn't able to see it. After that I got used to it. And he did a great job, he pitched a great game.

Q. Rafael, Larry Walker was up here before with a chunk of grass, he said he wanted to take something special away from the game. Would you talk about being here?

RAFAEL PALMEIRO: Like I said earlier, it's a great event. The last All-Star Game of the Century here at Fenway, with all the history, all the great players that played. I'm going to go back and get some grass after the game. I might take a big chunk, put it in my equipment bag.

Q. Ivan, would you talk a little bit about the job that Mussina did in contrast to Pedro's pitching?

IVAN RODRIGUEZ: The three guys, they were all pitching great, Cone, Mussina and Pedro, they were all pitching great, that's why they're here, because they're All-Stars. And Mussina threw some different pitches than Pedro. Mussina threw more breaking balls, and Pedro just a breaking ball and his fastball. But pretty much they're all good pitchers, and they're all the same for me. They're all tough to hit.

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