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July 13, 1999

Curt Schilling


Q. How tough an act to follow was Pedro's first?

CURT SCHILLING: After I started to breathe, it was tough. How do you follow that? In his own town, having arguably the best first half in the game, he strikes out three above-average people in good fashion.

Q. What was your reaction to all the pregame ceremonies?

CURT SCHILLING: I think that's why they started me today, all the greatest living players were on the field, and I was in the bullpen. Pretty awesome. Being a fan of the game and the game's history, to say that I was on the field for the collection of the greatest players that ever played this game is pretty awesome. I would have liked to have been in the picture, but I'll take that later.

Q. I noticed you with your son on the field trying to take in the whole experience, how important was that to you?

CURT SCHILLING: I've been here three years, now, and he's been a part of all three of them. And this is the first year he's really been excited, and known what was going on. He got to go home and tell my wife and he said, "Mommy, Mark McGwire hit a lot of grand slams tonight and he gave me his bat, but I already had one." It was exciting for him to be a part of this. He's at an age where he'll remember it. This is what the game is about, being on the field with my son and daughter, and those are the memories I'll take away.

Q. Did you know some of the batters?

CURT SCHILLING: Yes, here usually in the top ten, so you see their names in the paper every day. Yeah, I did, I gave myself a chance to go over the line-up and had a chance to know how I wanted to pitch them. That went out the window when I got on the mound because I couldn't breathe. I was trying to "Rob Dibble" it for a few hitters, and they took some pretty good swings.

Q. Schil, did you feel like you didn't throw well in general?

CURT SCHILLING: I'm happy, I mean I certainly wish I would have thrown two scoreless innings, but as long as something happens and we tie the game and eventually win, I'll be extremely happy with the fact that I was out here, honored to get the start, wouldn't trade it for anything, it's a memory I'll carry with me forever.

Q. You were in the Red Socks organization, was it special to be back at Fenway?

CURT SCHILLING: Yes and no. I've never pitched well here, especially with this line-up out there. It was so early in my career, and being reminded of it the last couple of days, kind of ironic how it's come full circle and I get to start. And Ed Kenney came over and congratulated for me again, and apologized for making the deal again. No, they gave me a shot to be a professional baseball player, and for that I'm truly grateful, and a lot of good memories of the organization.

Q. When was the last time you were this tight or weren't able to breathe?

CURT SCHILLING: '93 in the playoffs in the World Series, probably. Not probably, definitely, yes, postseason.

Q. Was this different than in '93?

CURT SCHILLING: You know what, you try and go out there and the important thing for me was representing the Phillies in the City of Philadelphia, you want to make everybody proud to have gotten you chosen, and I tried to do that and I gave up three hits to a pretty decent line-up. No embarrassment in that. I would like to have shut them down, but I enjoyed every second of it.

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