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October 5, 1999

Randy Johnson


Q. Randy, you seemed to struggle a little bit early. Did you kind of lose it in the end or something?

RANDY JOHNSON: I felt I got off to a slow start, and then Gonzo hit a home run and got us back even. Felt like I got locked in for about three or four innings and went out there for the 9th and got a quick out. And from that point on, I think I just got a little tired and walked some people and got behind and gave up a couple base hits, and, you know, gave it all I had out there in the 9th inning.

Q. Hitting the double, did that take anything out of you?

RANDY JOHNSON: No. I was just obviously disappointed not knowing how many outs there was. I ran out the base, and essentially pretty much the way the night went for me. It's not the way I would have wrote the script for tonight, but, you know, we have some quality pitchers tomorrow with Stottlemyre and Omar, and hopefully we can get back to even and go to New York. And hopefully I'll have another opportunity to pitch against these guys again.

Q. Can you talk about your performance in the postseason?

RANDY JOHNSON: It's not too much pressure. You know, tonight's game, I finished not very well. I felt bad. After we tied the game up I felt like I got into a little bit of a -- of a zone where I was cruising along, and I just tip my hat to the Mets. They played well last night, and they are probably riding a little bit on that still. And I didn't make my pitches, and if you don't make your pitches to major league hitters, you get hit.

Q. How do you explain, Randy, giving up nine hits to the left-handers, how do you explain that?

RANDY JOHNSON: They are good hitters. John Olerud, prior to tonight, I think I only pitched him a few times when he was in Toronto. Robin Ventura I've faced over the years. I just didn't -- like I say, I didn't make my pitches tonight, and I tip my hat to both of them. They hung in there tough against me and they got their pitches.

Q. What's the attitude of this team, to not get too high or too low?

RANDY JOHNSON: Obviously, it would have been nice to put us in a situation to go out there tomorrow, and, you know, have a lot of positives from tonight. But, you know, it's a five-game series, and like I said, we have Stottlemyre pitching tomorrow for us, and then Omar. And you know, the team has never gotten too high on any win or too low on any loss all year; so I don't imagine that will be the case after tonight's game.

Q. Did you pitch Alfonzo any different in the first at-bat, and how much did you know about it?

RANDY JOHNSON: I only faced him three times prior to tonight. He's only had three at-bats on me prior, and that was in New York. We went over scouting reports of the lineup I was going to face. I didn't have a lot to go off of, really, because I have not faced very many of those players. I obviously pitched a little bit better in New York against them. But like I said, if you don't make your pitches against major league hitters, then you're going to get hurt.

Q. If Buck asked you pitch in Game 4, would you come back?

RANDY JOHNSON: I'd do anything to win for this team. And to have an opportunity to -- to win a ballgame in the playoffs is all I've ever wanted, and hopefully, we'll have that opportunity. And hopefully, I don't need to pitch. Hopefully, we'll win tomorrow and take some ballgames in New York.

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