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May 25, 2005

Alonzo Mourning


Q. Talk about the energy that was going back and forth between the crowd, what Dwyane was doing and the blocked shots that you were able to get.

ALONZO MOURNING: Well, Dwyane stepped up real big. Bottom line, just collected from everybody. Everybody that came in the game, whether it be Christian, Keyon, anybody that came in the game, everybody came and contributed. We did our homework yesterday. We looked at a lot of tapes. We dissected it, we learned from all the mistakes we made in Game 1 and we used that as a stepping stone going into this game.

Q. You talked about on the off day having you and Shaq on the floor at the same time. You guys were just a wonderful tandem. Talk about the combination you all had together.

ALONZO MOURNING: Well, we have two battle scars since we've been in situations like this time and time again. We know what it takes down the stretch of games to close out games. We use our size, and when you've got both of us in there, we're taking up a lot of space. There's so much space in that game and we're taking it up. It makes it look a little bit more challenging for opponents when we're in the game together because they go past me, then they've got to see him; they go past him, they've got to see him. That's a strength of ours, and I hope Coach utilizes it a little bit more. I'm very confident I can play that fourth spot and I'm just going to do whatever it takes to help this team win. That's what it's all about.

Q. Stan is obviously making sure that you guys are at optimum play with the minutes he has available for you. Is it key that he conserves that opportunity until late in the game?

ALONZO MOURNING: He's not trying to conserve nothing right now. I can go full tilt. I mean, you don't have to cut my minutes. My doctors have said, "Hey, you can go all out and do what you've got to do and they are continually happy with my health, and all I've got to do is just go out there and play the game at a very high level. Whatever situation he puts me in I'm going to do it to its fullest so we're able to come out on top.

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